Natalie Gauvreau

For a lot of people, girls in particular, shopping and exercising are interchangeable. I mean, one of those two activities can be an alternative to the other. That doesn’t work for Natalie Gauvreau though. The Canadian model thinks that those two enterprises are mutually exclusive […]

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Breanna Sabo

The Toronto Maple Leafs live to fight another day in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, forcing a Game 7 with the Boston Bruins. Lots of fans will be jubilant, though we have no clue if Breanna Sabo is one of them. I’m actually clueless if she […]

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Laura Christie

Things aren’t looking all that good for Toronto as far as pro hockey is concerned. The Maple Leafs are sitting near the bottom of the Northeast Division of the NHL’s Eastern Conference. However, the city can console themselves to the fact that they are filled […]

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Alyshia Ashlee

While Toronto may be lacking in teams that are in the Stanley Cup Finals, the city is certainly not short in the beautiful babes department. Just like Alyshia Ashlee here, a model who’s also a makeup artist. This means that in every shoot, in case […]

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Niki Oh

Our next model is so hot, the exclamation is proudly declared in her name. Just hold on to your ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ right after you check out this gallery from Niki Oh. She took a brief break in the world of modeling, on account of […]

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Saven Mi

Thailand, Cambodia and Canada have practically nothing in common. Except maybe for Saven Mi. She was born in Thailand, from Cambodian parents who raised her in Hamilton, Ontario, or about halfway around the world from her place of birth. That’s not really strange, given the […]

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Veronika London

Most young girls dreaming of stardom, want to be an actress that could land the role of either a heroine or a damsel in distress, waiting for their prince charming. But not every girl is a Disney princess wannabe. Veronika London wants something edgier. She […]

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Made Mansion Frat Fury

Sarah Carter

Would you endure an accidental ‘sword crossing’ just to be with someone like Sarah Carter? I know that Turtle and Drama did, when they went at it with Cassie, played by Sarah here. Maybe they could blame it on the cold or even the altitude […]

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Gail Kim

You may or may not know it already but wrestling is as fake as Lindsay Lohan’s DUI apology. But we still watch it, though I do it for the Divas like Gail Kim. The action may be scripted but the babes are hot, albeit with […]

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Katheryn Winnick

She knows a thing or two about the cold, having grown up in Ontario, Canada. Katheryn Winnick is an actress who has seen plenty of action in American network TV with appearances in House, CSI and Criminal Minds. She was Paul Giamatti’s co-star in ‘Cold […]

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