Kate Upton

Seriously, Kate Upton knows how to keep us entertained. She’s been busy turning up the heat in the modeling industry these past few years, invading most of the fashion and men’s magazines. She recently had a photoshoot with GQ, as the cover girl for their […]

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Morena Verastegui

Peruvian hottie Morena Verastegui visits PlunderGuide for the first time, though she’s not a stranger. If you visit our other sites, you’ll see that she was already featured, and for good measure, here are the same photos so you won’t forget her.

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Madlena Kalinova

If you’re longing for something different that will also satisfy your eyes, then you’ll have to treat them to something exotic, and that includes girls with a stunning beauty like Madlena Kalinova. She’s a Bulgarian hottie with captivating hazel eyes, curvaceous body and kissable lips […]

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Lais De Leon

How do you unwind and give your brain a break before heading back again to work? Some would stay on their desk and take a nap while some would prefer to get out of their office and have some coffee. However, the interesting part is […]

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Carla Ossa

Bad news chaps, Carla Ossa has already been snagged. Despite of the dude’s questionable fashion sense, he was still able to get a girl like Carla, though don’t expect us to post any pictures of the dude in question. She may be married but it […]

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Jordan Carver

Describing and judging Jordan Carver by her looks won’t be that tough. At first glance, you’ll know why and how this Californian stands out whenever she’s in a crowd. Just last February, she flaunted her awesome assets in Nuts magazine, where she showed that she […]

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Top Polish Girls

Crack whatever Polish jokes you want because you’re just jealous! The Polish people have something we all want, but not many of us have: a high proportion of hot girls. Whether it’s supermodels, glamour models, or less than reputable performers, Polish girls are freakin’ hot! […]

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Ashton Torres

If you’ve watched the 2009 season of the American reality TV series Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, then you’ve probably recognized this beautiful Latina. Ashton Torres is perfect proof that cheerleaders really have their own unique way of getting our attention. If it’s not […]

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Jessica Dykstra

Who could possibly resist looking at the latest collection of lingerie, if you’ve picked up the perfect model to wear it? That’s probably the reason why Frederick’s of Hollywood would choose someone as hot as Jessica Dykstra. She’s a long-legged American model with captivating green […]

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Natasha Barnard

If you Google the meaning of ‘Natasha’, you’ll know exactly why this hottie’s parents come up with an idea of giving her that name. It’s not just about being lucky, but it’s because of her amazing assets that Natasha Barnard won the Wonderbra Model Search. […]

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