Chloe Maxwell

I’m sure, you have not have seen a tempting beauty like Chloe Maxwell on television. She got into modeling by chance and soon it moved onto television. As a model, Chloe worked for Impulse, Cadbury Dream, Pepsi, Espirit, Sanitarium and Jeans West. She hosted The […]

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Heather Whyte

British babe Heather Whyte gained phenomenal success in the modeling industry with beauty and charm. It was in the late 80’s and early 90’s when Heather really made it big. Her bodacious body graced the covers of glossy magazines like Vogue Paris, and the UK […]

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Lucy Pinder

Somebody who certainly doesn’t need no introduction is the queen of glamour models, Lucy Pinder. We’ve seen plenty of photos but we may never tire of them. One thing that’s often overlooked about this lovely lady is her charitable work. Lucy is involved with ‘Kick […]

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India Reynolds

Once again, we’ll feature a gallery that some people might refer to as ‘rejects’ or outtakes. These are the shots that somehow didn’t get published, but are every bit as good as the ones that made the cut. It’s India Reynolds’ time for some candid […]

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Brittany Daniel

Brittany Daniel is the twin sister of actress and photographer Cynthia Daniel. Both of them started modeling and together, they appeared in magazines like Seventeen, YM and Sassy. They also appeared on TV and in films like Sweet Valley High and The Basketball Diaries together. […]

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Nicky Whelan

You all will definitely agree with me on the fact that Nicky Whelan is one of the sexiest and most tempting beauties we have seen on television. As a model, she was featured on Australian magazines like FHM, Ralph and Inside Sport. It doesn’t end […]

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Leila Arcieri

Interesting but true, Leila was a shy girl in her schooling days. To overcome her shyness, she joined the high-school cheerleading team, which really helped to an extent. Things changed when she was crowned Miss San Francisco in 1997. Soon after winning the title, she […]

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Jessica-Jane Clement

British babes, especially our favorite glamour models, have the propensity to deliver fantastic galleries. Even their outtakes can blow other publications’ photos clean out of the water. Just like these ones from Jessica-Jane Clement. We’ve seen her before and we’re fully aware of her capabilities. […]

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Saira Mohan

In 2003, Newsweek placed Saira Mohan on their cover with the headline “The Perfect Face” which is undoubtedly true. This appearance gave her the international fame and she was stamped on the covers of magazines like ELLE, Cosmopolitan, L’Officiel, and Town & Country. Saira made […]

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Imogen Thomas

Just how many rounds do you think you’d last with Imogen Thomas? Everybody thinks that they’re all that, but when game time comes, they have nothing to show for. Boxing is big in the news now with big-mouth Floyd doing battle with Victor Ortiz and […]

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