Nike SQ Dymo STR8-FIT Driver: Perfect Your Swing

Nike SQ Dymo STR8 FIT Driver: Perfect Your Swing
The Nike SQ Dymo STR8-FIT Driver is a new club that is available in both a traditional round head or square shape, and gives you eight different head positions in one club, letting you change and adjust the lie angle, face angle and loft for better ball flight. It also features a new 360 degree grip design for any grasp. $300.

Nike Sumo 5000 Series

More from the Nike Sumo Series; here’s the Nike Golf SasQuatch Sumo Squared 5900 Driver with the square head design for a longer, straighter shot. The series also features some fairway woods. And unlike the name would suggest, these golf clubs aren’t fat and heavy, they’re made from lightweight composite. $400.

Nike Golf Sumo SQ Irons

Nike is extending its Sumo SQ Golf Club line to Irons to accompany its current line of Sumo Woods & Drivers. They come with a Cryo Steel face plate that is welded around the head for better distance, and a TPU polymer insert to prevent vibration during swing. Expect to see these sometime in November. $800.

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