Ayaka Sayama

Japan has given us nothing but joy in recent history. That’s right, that includes the weird pr0n churning out from that place because some people do get turned on by that. We’re not here to judge any of them, but we’re making your lives a […]

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Asami Oda

Sweet, cute and young-looking are the words that we often use to describe most of the Japanese girls. However, what I loved most about them is their innocent smiles that can make any guy’s heart beat fast. Take for example, the gravure idol from Saitama […]

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Ayuko Iwane

Some people say that welcoming a new year won’t be that great if you don’t look back and learn new things as a fresh start. That may be the reason why we haven’t seen Ayuko Iwane for a while. She’s been one of the gravure […]

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Yoko Kumada

Never underestimate a girl just because she looks very feminine. Take for example, the Gifu prefecture native Yoko Kumada. She’s a young-looking gravure idol who’s fond of doing outdoor activities and loves to do things that can make her sweat even though she looks very […]

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Chise Nakamura

Would you want to be saved by a dude in tights or by somebody like Chise Nakamura? The gravure idol is connected with the Super Sentai Heroines and she has released several photo books and videos. Sifting through all her material would be impossible in […]

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Anri Sugihara

Does the name Anri Sugihara ring a bell? Then that means this Hiroshima native has gotten that far. I mean most of the Japanese idols are cute, but not all of them were treated twice as special as Anri Sugihara. And that may be because […]

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Ami Tokito

Making your heart jump just a little bit quicker is this Tokyo cutie. Ami Tokito is a Japanese gravure idol (no shock there) but is also a singer and an avid cosplayer. And she’s a big fan of manga as well. That explains the nerdy […]

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Jennifer Kurosawa

As her name suggests, it’s obvious that she has Japanese blood. But when you look at her face carefully there’s more to her that makes her beauty so intriguing. With her gorgeous body and wonderful curves, there’s one country I think about whenever I see […]

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Akane Suzuki

We love you Japan, we really do. From the technology to the multitude of gravure idols you’ve given the world, you’ve amazed us in more ways than one. Of course, there’s tentacle anime but that’s a discussion all by itself. Please hang in there, our […]

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Kana Kurashina

Anybody who says they’re checking out Kana Kurashina’s videos for her face is a bold-faced liar. That’s like saying you’re going to the strip club for the buffet. It’s true that you’ll notice her contagious smile but you don’t notice just that. There’s also her […]

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