Layla Ko

Half-Irish and half-Japanese – all beauty. Layla Ko is a model with numerous galleries spread all over the Internet. But in those galleries, not one has definitively described Layla. Maybe the writers are just dumbfounded by her beauty. Yours truly is also on his knees, […]

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Logan Stanton

Logan Stanton is a compliment and contrast to her friend Arianny Celeste, with Arianny’s goods visible to anyone with two eyes, but Logan holds her own with a fashionable beauty. She’s currently a new-comer as an Octagon girl and is 20 years old, born in […]

Brooke Berry

Canadian Playboy Playmate Brooke Berry is the amalgamation of two beautiful and quite opposite cultures. She is half-Japanese which explains her respectful and conservative side while the other Scandinavian half lets her explore her creative and wild side. It’s not saying that the Japanese don’t […]

Vanessa Hudgens

It would be hard to seek out a girl that is hotter than Vanessa Hudgens. Sure it can be done, there is a lot of them out there, but this girl just has something that shines about her, that we can’t peel our eyes away […]

Malia Jones

Malia Jones You can call her a surfer chick, or even a modeling chick, but you best recognize that Hawaiian hottie Malia Jones is a surfer first and a model second. (Or at least that’s what she keeps telling me, lol.) We dig a hot […]

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Briana Lee

Import models seem to multiplying, especially if they’re all natural and a beauty like Briana Lee. Born in Sacramento, CA, currently residing in Riverside, CA she is a fulltime Hooters girl as well as community college student. Briana was first discovered at an automotive show […]

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Maggie Q

Ok, she’s of mixed descent but Maggie Q can definitely give Ziyi Zhang a run for her money. Born of a wonderful mix of French, Polish, Irish and Vietnamese, she was actually born in sunny Hawaii. You might recognize Maggie from Rush Hour 2, Mission: […]

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Made Mansion Frat Fury

Nina Mascunana

We have an idea to end world ugliness forever, which some consider to be a bigger problem than world hunger. We propose to make it illegal for two people of the same background to spawn children together, thus creating a world of incredibly cute mixed […]

Tracy Nova

Not that we dislike astronomy exactly, but Tracy Nova is by far easier on the eyes and alot more fun! She was born in Las Vegas, NV November 9, 1985 and stands at only 5’1 which is proof that great things come in small packages. […]


Another triple threat is Cassandra Ventura or more popularly known as Cassie. She’s an R&B singer, a dancer, and an actress. Born in New London, Connecticut, she’s part-Filipina and part-everything else because her mom is a mixture of sorts too. Cassie’s in hot water now […]

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Out of Aces Wealthy Wheels