Alley Baggett

Alley Baggett originally intended to become a traditional model, but was turned down because she was just a bit too short. She kept persuing her dreams however, and ended up as a lingerie model, which we have no complaints about at all. Did we mention […]

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Lisa Fleming

The import scene has blessed us with another angel from above, Lisa Fleming. She was born April 26, 1985 in North Dakota to a Korean mother and American father (military brat) and raised in Sacramento, California. This half-Korean beauty also lived in Korea a couple […]

Mandy Amano

Remember the 2005 Superbowl commercials? Well to refresh your memory there was a particular Pepsi commercial with this hottie starring in it. Her name is Mandy Amano, a Half-Japanese, Half-Irish sensation best known for becoming famous through a national broadcast network of the Pepsi/iTunes advertising […]

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Lindsay Kaye

Lindsay is half German-English, half Japanese and it certainly is a good combination judging by how she looks! At 26 years old, this beauty comes from North Carolina. Would you believe she’s an Air Force veteran? She’s Maxim’s Hometown Hotties Finalist and has appeared in […]

Pearl Nalani

Friday must be a great day because we managed to find a Pearl that you won’t mind keeping. Pearl Nalani, as she goes by, was born in New York City and moved to LA. She’s half Filipina, half German standing at 5’6. Pearl got her […]

Olivia Munn

She’s a G4 hostess! Yeah that’s right! Men go crazy! These pics of Olivia were posted on her site which she herself maintains and haves fun with. Her being a host in multiple shows (Attack of the show!) in the G4 network makes her […]

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Leilani Dowding

She is pure perfection isn’t it? Too bad she’s engaged. Leilani Dowding was actually UK’s top glamour model, thanks to her exotic looks, which stem from her Filipino mother and English father. After being successful in the UK, expat Leilani, now spends her time sunning […]

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Melyssa Grace

Melyssa Grace We at Plunder Guide know what guys want and we all see that Eurasian girls are becoming more and more in, so here’s another named Miss Melyssa Grace Roberts. This half Filipina, half German beauty was born in Oakland, California and spent some […]

Ursula Mayes

We all must admit that the suitcase models on Deal Or No Deal are all sizzlin’ and with that said this is one of Plunder Guide’s favorite hotties from the show, Ursula Mayes. She was born on August 9, 1979 on a military base in […]

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Marie Digby

The pirates are back with a precious gem named Marie Digby. She’s a smokin Half-Japanese, Half-Irish American singer, song writer, pianist, and guitarist. Her journey to fame began with her acoustic cover version of Rihanna’s No. 1 hit “Umbrella”, on YouTube in 2007. It played […]

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