Erika Medina

Either on the internet or in real life, we love to meet and talk to people with common sense. And talking about social skills, rest assured that Erika Medina will not disappoint you. Aside from her good looks and captivating body, she can cheer you […]

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Alexia Lei

Mexican, Portuguese, Hawaiian, Chinese, Chamorro (Guam) and Columbian, Alexia Lei has the mix of sweet and spicy from around the world that will definitely make every man fired up. We aren’t sure which part of her body belongs to which country, but all we do […]

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Cha Sun Hwa

It’s a good thing that the tension between North and South Korea has cooled down a bit. The warring nations should just stop and consider everything that’s good between them, including their women. Like the young Cha Sun Hwa right here. I know there are […]

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Gabby Jeanne

Shy guys of the world rejoice! While some gals prefer those cocky, arrogant-type bastards, Gabby Jeanne isn’t one of them. She prefers those quiet and nervous dudes. But you have to be neat and look presentable too. And you have to carry yourself well without […]

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Sasha Singleton

Since Christmas is near, I want to present to you a very interesting girl who was born exactly on that special holiday, December 25, Miss Sasha Singleton. She got her exotic looks from her Irish-Scottish father and Thai-Chinese mother. This hottie was featured as Miss […]

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Celeste Trinh

This Mixed Asian hottie from Orange County is a collection of beautiful proportions. You slam a Vietnamese and a Chinese together and this is one of the best combinations possible. Mostly known for her Import Modeling, I can not find anything else about this great […]

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Christine Mendoza

Christine Mendoza Christine Mendoza was born in Bulacan in the Philippines and raised there until coming to the United States at an early age. She can still speak Filipino fluently. Her family settled in Oxnard, then moved to Camarillo, California. She was discovered while attending […]

Made Mansion Frat Fury

CJ Miles

CJ Miles Filipina Model CJ Miles, has posed with her sexiness for Playboy, Stuff, and other import publications. Native to Maui, she saved up all her cash to move to LA to pursue her dreams in becoming a model. Well it worked and now she […]

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Elly Shee

When not in front of the camera, where can you find Elly Shee? Clue: it’s the happiest place on Earth. No, it’s not Tijuana, it’s Disneyland of course. TJ will only come second, according to Krusty the Clown. But Elly would rather spend time with […]

Corissa Furr

Two days before Christmas, the Furr family was given a beautiful gift in the person of Corissa. But they didn’t expect a tomboy instead of a girly-girl! When she was a little girl, she opted to play outside, catching little critters instead of dressing up […]

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