Jessica Burciaga

Not that we want to know, but we’re completely clueless about when the ‘handbra’ shot started. All we know is that when it comes to that provocative shot, Jessica Burciaga can be considered as a certified expert. No wonder that even all star athletes couldn’t […]

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CJ Gibson

Someone who’s comfortable in her skin, proud to be herself and do her own thing, that’s the kind of girl CJ Gibson is. With such bodacious body and good personality, there’s no doubt why she made it this far. She started from swimsuit modeling, and […]

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Heather Rae Young

If you do travel a lot and love to do outdoor stuff, I guess you already know that Running Springs, California is one of the best places to go, which offers activities like snow boarding, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, hiking, fishing and many more. But […]

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Debbie Sath

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Sath? I can’t think of any, but it reminds me of the word sit, which is probably the right thing to do if you want to satisfy your eyes with beautiful […]

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Justene Jaro

I was wondering if it is really in their blood? I mean, Justene Jaro and her sister Dawn, are both models and blessed with great assets. In fact, they look alike, but they aren’t twins. Gracing the pages of numerous magazines, including Penthouse, Dsport and […]

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Ayanna Jordan

Not all beautiful girls are blessed with a good voice, but only a few lucky ones get it, and that includes Ayanna Jordan. This hottie was born in Bombay, then moved to California when she was two. Having such a great body, who would have […]

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Nikita Esco

Hailing from Southern California, Nikita Esco is a fan of fast cars, which is the main reason why she decided to become an import model, posing and flaunting her beautiful assets beside a car. And when she was asked to describe herself in one sentence, […]

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Made Mansion Frat Fury

Alexia Cortez

Indeed, money makes the world go round. As for this smoking hot Latina, modeling was her source of income. Alexia Cortez was formerly known as Mz. Sexia. Having such an exotic beauty and good personality, you wouldn’t doubt why she has a lot of achievements, […]

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Kim Lee

Voted number one at the 2011 FHM’s Sexiest Women of the World search, here’s Kim Lee to give us some proof. She stands 5′ 6″ inches tall, and she’s loaded with great assets. She was blessed with a mixed French-Vietnamese beauty, which may be the […]

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Crystal Leigh

Most of us would prefer a girl who’s not just good looking but also blessed with talents, and I’m talking about dancing skills. This Scottish babe will not disappoint you once she steps on the dance floor and shakes those sexy hips. She’ll definitely put […]

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Out of Aces Wealthy Wheels