Richa Chadda

Underneath that beautiful facade we see as Richa Chadda is a philosophical and intellectually-deep being. Not so much with words, Richa decided that a flowchart will be the best medium to describe her. We’d let you see for yourself when you check out her page. […]

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Malika Haydon

So you think one Haydon is enough to convince us that Australia and India could produce an exceptional beauty? Think again, because that union produced another goddess. Malika Haydon is the younger sister of the equally-hot Lisa Haydon. She’s also making waves in the Bollywood […]

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Archana Vijaya

Another product of reality TV makes us realize why we can’t totally ditch that abomination. India’s first season of Get Gorgeous yielded Archana Vijaya, and boy did they ever get a worthy one at that. She’s on the pages of FHM India’s April 2012 issue […]

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Ayanna Jordan

Not all beautiful girls are blessed with a good voice, but only a few lucky ones get it, and that includes Ayanna Jordan. This hottie was born in Bombay, then moved to California when she was two. Having such a great body, who would have […]

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Katrina Kaif

Productivity would probably shoot to the stratosphere if an office decides to hire somebody like Katrina Kaif here. No one would take a vacation lest they miss a day not seeing this British-Indian babe. Katrina has been voted as one of the sexiest models in […]

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Tatum Keshwar

Some accolades are just more meaningful than others. To be crowned as South Africa’s prettiest female must be electric for Tatum Keshwar. We hate to state the obvious but that country is overflowing with babes. And despite the overwhelming odds, Tatum managed to stand out […]

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Esha Gupta

A country with over a billion people will inevitably yield millions of beautiful women. We’re barely making a dent on the number of India’s most desirable faces, but our list is growing from strength to strength. Add Esha Gupta to that list. She represented her […]

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Poonam Pandey

Westerners would probably snicker when they hear the name Poonam Pandey. But those same snickers would turn into gasps once you see her photos. She’s one of the most downloaded women of the Internet but curiously, it’s the first time we’ll feature her. She’s also […]

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Urvashi Sharma

There’s something about Urvashi Sharma. What that is, only directors and talent scouts can tell you. That’s why they’re being paid boatloads of money – because they can see that ‘something’ in a person which will make them big stars. Bollywood honchos saw that in […]

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Neha Dhupia

Those who don’t remember history are bound to repeat it. And those who don’t remember to respect Neha Dhupia or her family are bound to have their rear-ends handed to them. This History major is the daughter of an Indian Navy Commander and she herself […]

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