Georgia Salpa

The March 2014 issue of Loaded magazine is just filled from front page to back with sexiness. And their selected babe for the cover is none other than Georgia Salpa. Things are looking to go on the up and up for this Irish model. She’s […]

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Lisa Nolan

Admit it, you only saw Game of Thrones because you’d like to go medieval on those girls’ privates. Alright, even if you don’t admit it, you still loved the fact that they loved to bare the parts that could get you in trouble at work. […]

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Nadia Forde

When dudes dress up in fatigues, strap on a bandolier with live ammo and go completely ‘commando’, then two things can happen: Hilarity will ensue or the whole SWAT team could go medieval on your rear end. But when chicks do it, then it’s quite […]

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Jessica Burciaga

Not that we want to know, but we’re completely clueless about when the ‘handbra’ shot started. All we know is that when it comes to that provocative shot, Jessica Burciaga can be considered as a certified expert. No wonder that even all star athletes couldn’t […]

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Laura Lacole

Hailing from Northern Ireland is the blond babe with a unique beauty named Laura Lacole. But she’s more than just a pretty face, she has exceptional talents and a keen interest in philosophy, politics and all things automotive. Laura was considered as one of the […]

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CJ Gibson

Someone who’s comfortable in her skin, proud to be herself and do her own thing, that’s the kind of girl CJ Gibson is. With such bodacious body and good personality, there’s no doubt why she made it this far. She started from swimsuit modeling, and […]

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Amanda Kay

Be ready to get fired-up with this smoking hot babe named Amanda Kay. She’s a 19-year-old model from Seattle with all natural assets and proud of her exotic combination of Japanese and Irish beauties. With a sexy tanned skin that perfectly matches her brown hair […]

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Made Mansion Frat Fury

Veronica Lavery

What do most people do if they saw something unusual and unique? Since we find it very interesting, most of us will spend time contemplating it. No wonder, we’re so fond of girls with unique and uncommon beauty like Veronica Lavery. This hottie from the […]

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Carolina Spidel

Hailing from Florida, Carolina Spidel is a model with a classy beauty. And if you’ve been wondering why she got a beauty that looks kind of unique, that may be because of her Polish, German, Irish, Italian, and Native American mix. Yes, she only stands […]

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Vanessa Monique

Whether it’s your first time to visit our website, or you’re a regular, we know that you can’t get enough of mix breed beauties, that’s why we’re going to feature one of the hottest Import models, Vanessa Monique. Having Mexican, Japanese and Irish descents, Vanessa […]

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