Sayaka Isoyama

Not all women need to have a busty rack just to impress guys, and Sayaka Isoyama is one good proof to that. Obviously, she’s got a decent pair but what’s more striking about this gravure idol is her flawless silky white skin and irresistibly cute […]

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Yoko Kumada

Never underestimate a girl just because she looks very feminine. Take for example, the Gifu prefecture native Yoko Kumada. She’s a young-looking gravure idol who’s fond of doing outdoor activities and loves to do things that can make her sweat even though she looks very […]

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Aiko Christine

Three words that should really get you started on a good foot for the week – peace, love, happiness. Those words are on Aiko Christine‘s modeling page, now we want you to have those too. After looking at the former cheerleader’s pics, you certainly will […]

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Chise Nakamura

Would you want to be saved by a dude in tights or by somebody like Chise Nakamura? The gravure idol is connected with the Super Sentai Heroines and she has released several photo books and videos. Sifting through all her material would be impossible in […]

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Anri Sugihara

Does the name Anri Sugihara ring a bell? Then that means this Hiroshima native has gotten that far. I mean most of the Japanese idols are cute, but not all of them were treated twice as special as Anri Sugihara. And that may be because […]

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Sayaka Araki

Say hi to Sayaka Araki! This babe is absolutely not a doll, though she looks like one. She’s a well-known gravure idol and an in-demand model in her country. In fact, she has become an official model for Japanese Gyaru magazine Koakuma Ageha as well […]

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Vanessa Monique

Whether it’s your first time to visit our website, or you’re a regular, we know that you can’t get enough of mix breed beauties, that’s why we’re going to feature one of the hottest Import models, Vanessa Monique. Having Mexican, Japanese and Irish descents, Vanessa […]

Made Mansion Frat Fury

Ami Tokito

Making your heart jump just a little bit quicker is this Tokyo cutie. Ami Tokito is a Japanese gravure idol (no shock there) but is also a singer and an avid cosplayer. And she’s a big fan of manga as well. That explains the nerdy […]

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Akemi Nakamura

Japan and Colombia may have nothing in common, apart from the fact that both nations have produced some of the most beautiful lasses ever. Akemi Nakamura is a beautiful mixture of Japanese and Colombian. Not a common mix, but in a global setting we’re glad […]

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Maya Sakura

Here’s another reason for us not to lose hope in Japan. The sakura or cherry blossoms, symbolize human mortality but it also signals hope. Maya Sakura does just that – she gives us the motivation to continue helping the troubled nation. If Japan wasn’t around, […]

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