Jennifer Kurosawa

As her name suggests, it’s obvious that she has Japanese blood. But when you look at her face carefully there’s more to her that makes her beauty so intriguing. With her gorgeous body and wonderful curves, there’s one country I think about whenever I see […]

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Akane Suzuki

We love you Japan, we really do. From the technology to the multitude of gravure idols you’ve given the world, you’ve amazed us in more ways than one. Of course, there’s tentacle anime but that’s a discussion all by itself. Please hang in there, our […]

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Kana Kurashina

Anybody who says they’re checking out Kana Kurashina’s videos for her face is a bold-faced liar. That’s like saying you’re going to the strip club for the buffet. It’s true that you’ll notice her contagious smile but you don’t notice just that. There’s also her […]

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Azusa Togashi

I’m really curious on what grows in the gardens of Saitama Prefecture in Japan. The place is really teeming with babes that you could liken it to Medellin, Colombia or Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – just two of the major hunting grounds for hot femmes. […]

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2012 Nissan GT-R

As if the ‘PlayStation on wheels’ isn’t extreme enough, Nissan gives the mighty GT-R more goodies for more fun. You’ll never see it at first glance but on closer inspection, the car’s bodywork has been revised. A more aerodynamic styling has been ordered to cope […]

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Misako Yasuda

Not everyone who approaches a college coed have bad intentions. While studying at the Isetan University in Japan, somebody asked Misako Yasuda if she wanted to model and she reluctantly agreed. Little did she know that it was her ticket to stardom. She even won […]

Reina Matsushima

Gents, get ready to drool over this stunningly hot AV idol straight from the capital city of Japan. I wouldn’t be surprised that after seeing how hot Reina Matsushima is, you’ll book a flight to Tokyo and spend your New Year there, satisfying your eyes […]

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Made Mansion Frat Fury

Erika Toda

They don’t come any fresher than gravure idol and award-winning actress Erika Toda here. She’s from Kobe, Japan, but I doubt she’s a Lakers fan. You can try your best looking for her movies or TV shows but you better learn Japanese first. And prepare […]

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Megumi Yamano

There comes a point in time when an actress or a model stops the heat and let her work simmer for a while. Japanese gravure idol Megumi Yamano seems to be at that moment now. She’s slowed down her output recently but that doesn’t mean […]

Aki Matsumoto

Have you ever heard of Sabra magazine? It is known as Japan’s best gravure magazine and to serve as proof, here’s one of their stunning cover girls – Aki Matsumoto. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about this eye candy, but we can assure you that […]

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