Hatsune Matsushima

Here’s another Japanese bikini idol for you. But not just any other idol, she’s an award-winner. Hatsune Matsushima was crowned Miss Magazine 2004. Although what kind of magazine that may be is a little sketchy but a crown’s a crown right? Just how many models […]

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Saya Hikita

Some galleries bring you nothing but joy, just like this one from Saya Hikita. She’s another one of those Japanese gravure idols that mock the Internet because of the sheer lack of information. Saya has a blog but it’s written in Japanese so I can […]

Sayuri Otomo

We never get tired of looking at girls especially with the likes of Sayuri Otomo. This cutie from Aichi prefecture was born on August 19, 1987. She’s an actress, gravure idol and race queen in Japan, and if you’re wondering why she always stands out […]

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Rie Mashiko

Rie Mashiko is another cute Japanese gravure idol. She has appeared in a lot of magazines and has been featured in a lot of media already. You can say that she’s at the top of her game. Enjoy her pics in this hot gallery!

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Megumi Nakayama

Do you want to learn new magic tricks? I bet you would love to once you know that this hottie from Toyama, Japan can be your tutor! She’s good at it because Megumi Nakayama spends her spare time practicing magic tricks. She has appeared in […]

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Rei Yoshii

Love your life and take care of your health. It’s sound advice from someone who has been through hell and came back to tell her tale. Japanese actress Rei Yoshii suffered an acute leukemia in 2000 which almost took her life. Fortunately, she recovered although […]

Yuka Kyomoto

Yuka Kyomoto is a 22 year old super famous idol popular with the otaku culture due to her much appreciated cosplay work. She hails from the Niigata prefecture. She started her career in 2004. Amazing to note that this beauty is also a fan of […]

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Aki Hoshino

Who says Asian women aren’t curvy? Aki Hoshino will prove you wrong. This Japanese gravure idol has a sexy 34F measurement which can drive all dudes crazy. She posed in various magazines such as Sabra and Petit Seven. Aki did many low budget movies like […]

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Daniele Suzuki

When you’ve got the right friends, you’ll never go hungry or sleep on the streets. This was a touching lesson learned early on by Daniele Suzuki. She was raised alone by her mother because her father abandoned them. Daniele is a first-generation Japanese-Brazilian who can […]

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Yuko Ogura

Sweet innocent schoolgirl look, cute and lovely with a lot of nicknames, that’s Yuko Ogura. She’s a Japanese gravure idol, singer and model. In Japan, she’s called by many in her most common nickname, Yukorin. Her friends call her Momoka, but for us, Yuko is […]

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