Sayaka Ando

Are you a fan of Asian Race Queens? Then you probably know this former Race Queen, Sayaka Ando. Japanese Race Queens attract a lot of attention because of their flawless skin and cute smiles; take Sayaka Ando as an example. This 23 year old hottie […]

China Fukunaga

Her name sounds like she’s from China but she’s not, China Fukunaga is a popular gravure idol in Japan. Her G-cup jugs and cute smile made her more eye-catching that even the large companies have taken an interest on her. She’s really that hot, what […]

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Rui Kiriyama

We here at Plunder Guide are advocates of hard work and dedication to your craft but if you’re reading this article at work, then I may have just ruined your concentration with this hottie. Rui Kiriyama is a Japanese bikini idol from Tokyo and she’s […]

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Yukie Kawamura

This got to be one of the most cutest and sexiest gravure idol in Japan. Yukie Kawamura is stunningly beautiful while she makes those cute expressions in front of the camera. We can only look in awe as this beautiful goddess shares her beauty on […]

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Bambi Watanabe

No, this isn’t a Disney story about a deer with a sad past. She’s Bambi Watanabe, a relatively new player in the gravure scene but she definitely looks like she belongs in that industry. With that curvy body and pretty face, you’ll just have to […]

Maria Ozawa

A half-Japanese, half-French-Canadian, Maria Ozawa is one of the most popular AV idol in Japan and over the internet. What an interesting breed she is, and why do we say that? Well she claims that at the age of 13 she was already sexually active […]

Layla Ko

Half-Irish and half-Japanese – all beauty. Layla Ko is a model with numerous galleries spread all over the Internet. But in those galleries, not one has definitively described Layla. Maybe the writers are just dumbfounded by her beauty. Yours truly is also on his knees, […]

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Made Mansion Frat Fury

Sayaka Isoyama

Ask her anything about baseball and she’d gladly answer with incredible passion. Sayaka Isoyama may be known as a gravure idol but few people know that her real passion is in the diamond. That’s baseball diamond for you uninitiated folks. Japan and America share the […]

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Saki Akai

No, she’s not a variety of Japanese rice wine although it may sound the same. Saki Akai is a Japanese gravure idol which means she loves posing in her bikini and looking absolutely fantastic. She just celebrated her 23rd birthday yesterday, January 24th so birthday […]

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Hitomi Kitamura

This doe-eyed babe is Japanese Gravure girl Hitomi Kitamura. For those of you who aren’t in the know, a gravure is similar to a glamour model where teen girls dress in sassy little outfits and pose for photos. The difference is that each gravure girl […]

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