Gabriela Salles

Fresh new face to prepare you for a fantastic new fortnight and forward. No need for a hard sell as far as Gabriela Salles is concerned. There isn’t a whole lot of information that’s floating around about Gabriela here. But you won’t really need that […]

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Jennifer Hernandez

In most countries that have been conquered by the Spaniards of the past, the name Jennifer Hernandez is as common as they come. But there’s nothing common about this lovely Colombian model. As you can clearly see, she’s exceptionally beautiful. And she’s tall too, with […]

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Viviana Ossa

She may be new to our shores but she’s dressed properly and she looks absolutely gorgeous. This means she deserves all of our warmest welcomes. Viviana Ossa is obviously a swimwear model. What’s not clear though is the rest of her story. She has a […]

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Zuria Vega

Her name might be one of the last to be called in school, but Zuria Vega just climbed to the top of our list of hot Mexicans. She’s an actress and a musician, but also lends her good looks to modeling shoots, including the new […]

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Ana Sofia Henao

We really can’t state this enough but you definitely have to enjoy this latest post featuring Ana Sofia Henao. It’s been over a year since we last saw this hottie. The problem is that we won’t be seeing more of her in lingerie or swimsuit […]

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Alejandra Guilmant

Still don’t believe that this is the season to be jolly? We’ll sway you day in and day out and get you to agree. Helping us today is Alejandra Guilmant, an international model from Mexico. I have actually no idea how the country celebrates Christmas […]

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Laura Tobon

You can be chowing down leftover pizza from yesterday but when you’re consuming it with Laura Tobon, then everything becomes gourmet. To be fair, pizza is good eating no matter what, except of course when it’s spoiled. But anything shared with this Colombian hottie is […]

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Made Mansion Frat Fury

Isabeli Fontana

Like a fountain that never runs out of water, Brazil never ever fails to amaze us. We could go on and on about their ladies like Isabeli Fontana here and we’ll never go dry. As of this writing, October 22, there are 70 days left […]

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Cristina Hurtado

A mid-week angel ought to do everybody some good. As usual, Colombia provides the charm with Cristina Hurtado. Another product of a reality show, Cristina is different because she looks absolutely beautiful and she has the smarts to back up that beauty. Unfortunately, the same […]

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Leticia Farr

We’re far away from Monday now and it most certainly is a cause for celebration. While Leticia Farr may be far away from her native Brazil, she’s very much close to our hearts, thanks to these lovely photos. This model has an eye for design […]

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