Robertha Portella

Visiting our ports for the first time is the spectacularly sexy Robertha Portella. My Portuguese isn’t worth squat but from her feature page, Robertha might be a dancer because of the word ‘baila’, that’s quite dominant in the site. She was also a former beauty […]

Manuela Arbelaez

Everything is always right whenever we’re talking about Latina babes, especially those coming from Colombia. That includes Manuela Arbelaez, a Medellin mamacita who now calls New Jersey her home. She’s so pretty, that she became a model for The Price is Right and placed sixth […]

Fabiana Tambosi

When you view life through rose-colored glasses, then the world won’t appear too sinister. Having said that, life in pink is not all that bad, I presume, and that’s the title of Fabiana Tambosi’s latest gallery. Though she’s not wearing the color all the time, […]

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Catalina Otalvaro

Here to bring us good luck for the (Lunar) New Year is Colombian Catalina Otalvaro. She may not be from Asia, but somebody this lovely should bring nothing but good vibes. Happy New Year and happy weekend everyone!

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Elena Macri Velez

College had to wait in the backseat because a career in modeling and a parade of beauty contests were laid ahead of Elena Macri Velez. She didn’t disappoint, because she became a finalist for a National Beauty Contest search in 2009. Elena certainly looks the […]

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Mayra Suarez

Fortunately for Mayra Suarez, 1986 wasn’t a leap year and she was born a couple of days before the cutoff. That means she won’t be arbitrarily celebrating her birthday on February 28 or March 1. Enough of the dates though, because we’re here to celebrate […]

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Alexia Cortez

Indeed, money makes the world go round. As for this smoking hot Latina, modeling was her source of income. Alexia Cortez was formerly known as Mz. Sexia. Having such an exotic beauty and good personality, you wouldn’t doubt why she has a lot of achievements, […]

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Carla Ossa

The New Year demands a new gallery from one of our favorite Colombians. I have no clue on how the people from the beautiful, Latin American country celebrates the turn of another calendar year but I suspect that it’s filled with beauties like Carla Ossa […]

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Karen Carreno

We haven’t featured Colombian Karen CarreƱo for a while and it’s a huge disservice to you, our dear readers. So we’re making amends with this fantabulous gallery. No surprises on just how pretty and sexy Karen really is, because she’s Latina and beauty is just […]

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Mindy Vega

For you to be considered as Internet savvy, you need to spend more time in front of the computer. But knowing that makes me wonder how this hottie managed and maintained her sexy body at the same time while being a computer geek. I’m talking […]

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