Lisa Angeline

In the world of beauty pageants and bikini contests this hot Latina is no slouch. In fact, she has won numerous Miss Hawaiian Tropic contests including Miss Hawaiian Tropic New Mexico and Miss Hawaiian Tropic Latina and also Miss LAX Bikini 2008. Not just that, […]

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Issa Bayaua

On the day of love, let’s make your hearts skip a beat or two with this ultra-beautiful babe Issa Bayaua. She’s a mixture of Latina and Filipina so it’s no wonder why she’s that lovely. From a very early age, she was performing in front […]

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Lorena Rojas

We don’t know a whole lot about Lorena Rojas because we can’t find much information about her in English, but to be perfectly honest we wouldn’t mind learning Spanish just have the chance to get to know her a bit better. This Latina babe is […]

Sabrina Ravelli

If there is one thing in life that no man can resist, it is a hot Latina like Sabrina Ravelli. We don’t know how we have never heard of Sabrina before today, but there is no use wasting time on would-have’s and could-have’s and just […]

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Anishya Reyes

Anishya Reyes is a smokin’ hot Latina model that has worked for such companies as Budweiser, Hooters and Swisher International, the company that produces Swisher Sweets. Those are some some marketing geniuses, because after seeing Anishya, nothing sounds better right now than a Swisher Sweet […]

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Karen Carreno

Sure, we’ve featured this Latina hottie, by the name of Karen Carreno on here her before, but there’s no problem with a second look, especially if the girl is deserving of one. Last time we told you about how she was discovered in a coffee […]

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Michelle Moya

Michelle Moya How do you heat up an already hot state like Florida? Well, just add a firecracker like Michelle Moya and you’ll be guaranteed to raise the mercury. Originally from Austin, TX, Michelle is a great fan of fitness and has recently re-discovered her […]

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Vida Guerra

We can’t get enough of Vida Guerra, even if her most famous days are over, having been replaced with more girls that are mostly known for their booty’s, but we can never forget the original Ms. New Booty. We have been mesmerized since that thing […]

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