Carla Ossa

We’re on the homestretch of 2013, so to speak, now that we’re on the last quarter. But we shouldn’t let the year end without showing another Carla Ossa gallery. We last saw her on the first month of the year and she returns with some […]

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Julieth Roman

Medellin is really a miraculous place. Consider all the craziness that happened there some two decades ago and you’d be thankful that it wasn’t erased from the face of the Earth. That’s a good thing because we wouldn’t have seen babes like Julieth Roman and […]

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Suelen Carvalho

Ten points for whoever could name what body part Suelen Carvalho is most proud of. She says it attracts all the attention when she’s in the gym, and she’s there quite a lot. Su or ‘Cherry’ is a Taurus who’s from Rio de Janeiro and […]

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Cecilia Bonelli

Guaranteed to stiffen up the bones, muscles and what-have-yous for the weekend is Cecilia Bonelli. This Argentine model and actress has been in the business for quite a while now but it’s the first time we’ve heard of her. People might be calling Cecilia as […]

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Paty Cantu

Some singers jump through unbelievable hoops just to be noticed and, hopefully, get a break in the industry. Then there are singers that have success written all over them, even before they belt out a single note. Clearly belonging to that latter group is Paty […]

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Karina Castillo

I like the daily grind! – said no one in the world ever. Not even somebody as beautiful as Karina Castillo. The Colombian model isn’t a fan of being tied up into one corner of the world and do the same thing over and over […]

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Paola Canas

Surprise, surprise, another Colombian is sending her good looks to inspire us. Paola CaƱas has a degree in Fashion Design and that certainly suits her well. She may be married now but she keeps a perfectly-trimmed figure, thanks to daily trips at the gym.

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Paula Andrea Giraldo

Her last name is quite familiar to us but Paula Andrea Giraldo is a bit of a mystery. She’s new in the world of modeling, but with the way she looks, it seems likes she’s been doing this forever. From the little info that’s floating […]

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Bruna Loureiro

Her name might be as fierce as it gets, but we’re pretty sure that Bruna Loureiro is as sweet as candy. How can she not be, when she looks absolutely gorgeous. We haven’t the slightest clue on her whereabouts but we’re glad that she’s putting […]

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Lisa Morales

Guitars are, by itself, are sexy instruments. A beautiful lady like Lisa Morales here playing it? The sexiness amplitude just got cranked up past 11. When she’s not fretting, this lovely model catches up re-runs of her favorite shows and entertains herself. We, on the […]

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