Daniela Tamayo

Maxim en EspaƱol just got mas caliente with the placement of Daniela Tamayo on the cover. It’s been three years since we last saw this hottie and a lot has changed since then. The only thing that remained constant was her level of attractiveness and […]

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Mara Roldan

Everybody has, at one point in their lives or another, dreamt of becoming a doctor. All fantasies are crushed though at the first sign of blood. Such was the case for Mara Roldan. If blood made her queasy, then the opposite just happens whenever there’s […]

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Sugey Abrego

No matter what the prevailing weather conditions may be, when Sugey Abrego’s presenting the weather news, then the temperature will always be high. Mexico’s hottest weather girl thinks that lovemaking should be done properly and she prefers to do it on the bed and not […]

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Alejandra Maglietti

Don’t be surprised if you’ll be hearing more and more about Argentina for the next couple of weeks. The Catholic Church chose a new pope and he happens to be from that beautiful nation. Also coming from Argentina is Alejandra Maglietti. She may not have […]

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Katya Sanchez

The British-Latina combination is simply sensational. Just look at Katya Sanchez, once crowned Miss Bath and finalist for Miss England. She didn’t get the bigger title but she got something even bigger – that’s the admiration of the world and a feature in our humble […]

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Vaneza Pelaez

A hot chick that makes us laugh at the same time? Sold, a hundred times over for us. That’s exactly what Vaneza Pelaez is all about. It sure is fun to flaunt her beauty in the catwalk, but she finds it more fun if she’s […]

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Ninel Conde

Once again, H Magazine delivers another stunning shoot featuring Ninel Conde. We’ve seen plenty of her from the past years, but it’s surprising that it’s her first visit to our ports. The Mexican superstar hasn’t stopped being so fabulous for the magazine that makes our […]

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Fernanda Schonardie

It’s really time to learn Portuguese. Not only is the language sexy, you’ll also be in sexy company. Can you imagine being in the midst of babes like Fernanda Schonardie? Or the multitude of Brazilians that we’ve featured so far. Okay, admittedly, I just wanna […]

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Debora Nascimento

Brazilian babes never ever leave us hanging as far as visual delight is concerned. Except maybe when they’re cast in a big budget Hollywood flick, as was the case for Debora Nascimento in The Incredible Hulk. Her role was far too short but that’s okay. […]

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Katherine Mayer

Sometimes, experiencing or having a glimpse of something just once is simply not enough, and here’s one more proof. With her oozing sex appeal, Katherine Mayer has caught a lot of attention during the 2010 Hawaiian Tropic bikini babe search. After her win, she then […]

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