Zaira Nara

Like every other normal human being, Zaira Nara hates Mondays. We especially hate it when we have a holiday weekend, such as now. But since it’s still Friday (and Black Friday at that), we’ll leave the Monday worrying behind for now and enjoy some of […]

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Aldara Ortega

Straddling between so many agencies on both sides of the Atlantic is Aldara Ortega. And why not; when she looks as hot as this, only a dumb agency would pass on her services. She can be the most diva of all models and it will […]

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Alejandra Gonzales Daly

Beauty runs in the Gonzales household. Anahi Gonzales may have gotten her door into the world of modeling first but little sister Alejandra was not to be outdone. She may be on the short side of things but that pretty face and amazing body more […]

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Rocio Guirao Diaz

As a new week looms, let’s keep that thought in the backburner first. Enjoy the moment with Rocio Guirao Diaz and forget whatever it is that may be bothering you. That’s the miracle of having beautiful Latinas decorating our site. Rocio isn’t really a stranger […]

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Rayanne Morais

For those chattering their teeth off from the bitter cold, we’re here to raise your core temperature to a more comfortable level. Helping us in the cause is Rayanne Morais, the former beauty queen who’s now hell-bent in getting married. The dude she’s getting hitched […]

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Vivian Campos

Proof that not every Latina posing as a sexy goalkeeper knows a lot about soccer is Vivian Campos. The model/dancer is familiar with the sport, but not overly obsessive like the others. This is good because it only means that she’ll pay attention to non-soccer […]

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Lais Ribeiro

Contrary to a poll conducted by a popular, 24-hour news channel recently, Los Angeles is not the worst city in the world. They’ll be Stanley Cup champions for a little bit longer, thanks to the lockout, and the stream of beautiful women won’t be stopping […]

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Isabeli Fontana

Before reaching three decades of existence, Isabeli Fontana has accomplished things that most people will not in three lifetimes. Probably more. She’s walked every fashion show imaginable and has modeled for popular brands. But she’s also a responsible human being, actively involved in the ‘One […]

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Carla Ossa

Now we know why there’s an obsession with Hello Kitty. With Carla Ossa demonstrating just how popular that Japanese character is, we get it. But don’t think we’ll be collecting any of those cat-themed items soon, not if they’re intimate apparel like the ones Carla […]

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Linda Palacio

Every princess deserves her own palace and this babe certainly deserves even more. Linda Palacio is widely considered as the Colombian Adriana Lima and it shows. She’s been a busy model in Asia, with plenty of gigs left and right. But the real treat are […]

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