Fiorella Mattheis

Athletes competing in the 2016 Olympics in Rio should be preparing for that as early as the day that the London Games ended. While most of us may not be joining the XXXI Olympiad, it doesn’t hurt if we prepare ourselves for the onslaught of […]

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Khrisley Karlen

Here’s one ‘KK’ we can definitely rally behind. While one may be popular for all the wrong reasons, she’s got nothing compared to Khrisley Karlen. From what we’ve gathered, Khrisley is a model and a stagehand for Cauldron of Huck, whatever that may be. If […]

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Jaqueline Carvalho

Next time the Brazilian women’s volleyball team is up, look out for number 8 and enjoy. She’s Jaqueline Carvalho, better known as Jaque. Being an outside hitter (her volleyball position), you can bet your bottom dollar that she spikes extra hard. You can also bet […]

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Paloma Bernardi

Anybody following women’s volleyball in the London Olympics? Then you must have seen that incredible save from the Brazilian Libero in their match against South Korea. Speaking of Brazilians, here’s another one for inspiration. Paloma Bernardi, however, isn’t playing volleyball, but is an accomplished actress, […]

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Natalia Velez

Before anything else, I’d be asking you to go grab a belt, towel or a piece of stick. Why? Because you’d be needing something to bite on to as you view this Natalia Velez gallery. Latinas have that effect on us, and this Colombian is […]

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Luisana Lopilato

The last time we saw Luisana Lopilato, she wasn’t Mrs. Michael Buble yet. So what has changed since then? Not much really, though it could be said that she’s gotten hotter and sexier. Being married to the Canadian singer didn’t diminish her modeling stock either, […]

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Carla Ossa

We love Latinas and there’s no point in living in the shadows about it. Colombia follows solidly behind Brazil in the most babes we’ve featured from that corner of the world, and Carla Ossa is solidly in front of that list. We haven’t seen her […]

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Jenny Lopez

Another round on our block for Jenny Lopez. Her name may forever be linked to the ‘Idol’ judge and that’s alright. Both of them are looking good and are churning out gallery after gallery of pure sexy. In our humble opinion, that’s all we can […]

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Patricia Beck

The correct guess from where Patricia Beck is from gets to see her in all her glory. Alright, it’s a trick question because you’ll get to see her photos no matter what. But if you must know, she’s Brazilian and from one of our favorite […]

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Sofia Vergara

For most people, especially the womenfolk, turning 40 equates to a proper mid-life crisis. Sofia Vergara’s idea? It’s to appear on the cover of Vanity Fair and a few months before that on GQ, because she’s hot like that. You’ll never guess that the Modern […]

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