Korina Rivadeneira

Stalking is a very serious thing and we are one with the world in wanting stalkers to be swimming down Davy Jones’ locker. It’s so serious that Korina Rivadeneira had to cross borders to avoid her idiot boyfriend. We can understand the crazy dude for […]

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Morena Verastegui

Peruvian hottie Morena Verastegui visits PlunderGuide for the first time, though she’s not a stranger. If you visit our other sites, you’ll see that she was already featured, and for good measure, here are the same photos so you won’t forget her.

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Carla Ossa

Bad news chaps, Carla Ossa has already been snagged. Despite of the dude’s questionable fashion sense, he was still able to get a girl like Carla, though don’t expect us to post any pictures of the dude in question. She may be married but it […]

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Jennifer Lopez

No need for introduction with this next babe, I believe. It’s a wonder why we’re featuring J-Lo just now, after all the hotness she’s exuded through the years. Sure, she’s made some questionable decisions in the past, but that’s all water under the bridge. The […]

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Simone Villas Boas

She may not show a whole lot of skin, but what she can display, it’s certainly a lot. Simone Villas Boas doesn’t believe in over-exploiting herself just to get a project here or a photo shoot there. She’d rather fight it fair and let her […]

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Ashton Torres

If you’ve watched the 2009 season of the American reality TV series Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, then you’ve probably recognized this beautiful Latina. Ashton Torres is perfect proof that cheerleaders really have their own unique way of getting our attention. If it’s not […]

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Ximena Montenegro

You’re all probably tired of hearing all the stories regarding the sinking of the Titanic one century ago. Now that the 100th anniversary of doom is over, let’s see a babe on a boat that isn’t about to take a dive into Davy Jones’ locker […]

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Lais Ribeiro

Nothing can start the Holy Week better than a heavenly hottie like Lais Ribeiro. The Brazilian model is extremely in demand and is juggling between several modeling agencies. But she hasn’t forgotten her Victoria’s Secret obligations and she’s still dishing out sexy galleries, as you’ll […]

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Aracelis Bocchio

Even a forest full of trees will yield some of the prettiest flowers. Such as the case for Aracelis Bocchio. She’s from Parana in the province of Tres Rios in Argentina but spends most of her time in Chile instead. We should all be thankful […]

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Catalina Otalvaro

Is it even a valid question to us gentlemen who we’d pick: An ugly woman or someone pretty? It’s like ‘pretty’ multiplied by one – we’d always pick pretty. That question was also raised to Catalina Otalvaro and she answered like a man. She said […]

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