Larissa Riquelme

We’ve featured Larissa Riquelme before based solely on her extreme hotness. Yeah, that should be enough to garner your attention, but recently Larissa caused a huge uproar by vowing to run naked through the streets of Asunción, the capital of her native Paraguay if the […]

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Aylen Alvarez

Aylen Alvarez is a hot and spicy hip hop and fitness model from Cuba. Yep, Castro knows how to get his ladies ready for export. Is she hot or what? She’s got one wild streak and an unstoppable booty. Simply jaw-dropping.

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Viña Machado

This Colombian babe will make your heart stop and make your jaw drop with her oozing sex appeal. Viña Machado is not those skinny model you always see, her perfect curves and firm buns made this girl irresistibly hot. No wonder she won the Americas […]

Paulina Flores

Here’s a Mexican hottie, you might recognize. Her name is Paulina Flores who is known for her outgoing, down-to-earth personality, and exotic Latin looks and of course a big Mexican Supermodel. Born in September 9, 1980 in Sinola, Mexico and stands at about 5’10. Her […]

Jessica Mas

Although virtually unknown outside of Latin America, we hope that Jessica Mas quickly makes her way to the mainstream. With her fair skinned, full featured body, we don’t think that will be a problem. She has already been featured in Mexican publication, Open, but not […]

Karen Carreno

Whoever thought that it’s possible to get discovered in a coffee shop? Well Karen did and now we know it’s possible! The first fashion show she attended opened up a new world for her and changed her life! She was a big hit in Bogota […]

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Silvia Rosales

We show you a lot of Argentinean babes here, but this one is the total package: face, curves, sexy expressions. Silvia Rosales from Cordoba, Argentina has worked in TV in Argentina on one of Latin America’s most popular shows, called “Susana Gimenez show”. She’s done […]

Made Mansion Frat Fury

Jesica Cirio

Jesica Cirio has a lot to work with. The Argentinean beauty is the host of Kubik, a TV program in Argentina. She’s also been in the Argentinean version of Dancing with the Stars and Dancing on Ice. I’m sure every viewer was focusing on her […]

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Arianny Celeste

Who said the octagon was just a place for guys? Arianny proves that theory wrong! There are still girls in the octagon even though they’re not fighting. UFC Octagon Girl, Arianny Celeste, shows us her celestial heavenly body. It must be hard work walking around […]

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Brenda Lynn

Brenda Lynn is a Puerto Rican hottie who grew up in New Jersey who’s well endowed with gorgeous funbags! She’s a model actress who’s got more to offer than most models if placed side by side each other! It was said the her motto is […]

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