Emily Ratajkowski

Lots of people are probably asking right now, Robin who? Before any speculations arise, I’m of course talking about Robin Thicke. The dude was once red-hot, what with his ‘Blurred Lines’ video. Things are slightly on the downhill for the dude but fortunately, the same […]

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Gabriela Rabelo

Nearly half a decade of absence here in Plunder Guide but it seems like Gabriela Rabelo hasn’t skipped a beat. The reason for that prolonged hiatus isn’t really clear to us. We’re just glad that she’s back. And she’s brought the appropriate level of sexiness […]

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Georgia Salpa

It’s a wonder how Instagram can stay running when it’s practically flooded with super hot photos. No, I’m not talking about that latest Sriracha cupcake that you’ve decided to photograph. I’m talking about photos of babes like Georgia Salpa who decided that that social networking […]

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Catrinel Menghia

Just to be clear, Catrinel Menghia and Catrinel Marlon are one and the same. We haven’t seen her in over a year now and it seems like this Romanian babe prefers her ‘Western-sounding’ name. But for the purposes of this article, we’ll call her by […]

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Anais Pouliot

Pretty sure that the name Anais Pouliot sounds sexy if pronounced correctly. The Victoria’s Secret model looks absolutely stunning in her latest campaign that we missed initially. But we have a pass because it’s the first time that this beauty visits our shores. The sexy […]

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Shanina Shaik

Shaking things up this 2014 is the lovely Shanina Shaik. We haven’t seen her for a while and a lot has happened since she last visited. For starters, she broke up with her long-time boyfriend, who is also a model. We won’t mention his name […]

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Beatrice Chirita

Been a really long while since we last saw Beatrice Chirita. But don’t you worry, she’s doing excellent and still looking hot as ever. Three years flew by really quickly and we didn’t catch up on the latest updates for Beatrice here. While there aren’t […]

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Lina Posada

Better watch out because the gifts will just keep on arriving here at Plunder Guide and in our affiliates. We know that you like beautiful babes and we will continue to indulge you. Then again, we’ve been doing that for the past 300 days or […]

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Edita Vilkeviciute

You know when people say that they are attracted to someone’s ‘inner beauty’ is actually an excuse when they wanna dodge a different question? Questions like ‘is she beautiful’ or ‘is she sexy?’ The safe answer is that you fell in love with her inner […]

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Tetyana Veryovkina

Still very hot and still very sexy is Tetyana Veryovkina. You can still call her Tatiana Very, if it makes things easier. But whatever name you prefer, she’s still one of the most potent swimsuit models there are out there. She was recently spotted in […]

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