Diana Morales

Our main man Freddie delivers yet another stunning collection as demonstrated by the delightful Diana Morales. Just how she spent her Valentine’s, we’ll never know. What we do know is that everyday would be love day whenever you have somebody like Diana to give you […]

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Catrinel Menghia

The producers of CSI called the right shot when they asked Catrinel Menghia to do a guest spot for an episode. Result? Just 11.49 million viewers, a solid rating by any standard. In case you’re wondering, the episode is entitled ‘Double Fault’ and we trust […]

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Emily Didonato

Gift-giving continues in Plunder Guide, no matter what the calendar says because that’s just how we roll. We’re lucky today because Emily Didonato is the one bearing gifts and it’s all good. It’s been a while since we last saw her so this visit makes […]

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Don’t like her as a blonde? That’s too bad because it looks like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is wearing that color for a while. But don’t fret too much because her new catalog for Autograph is simply spectacular. Besides, Jason Statham doesn’t seem to mind her hair […]

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Rocio Guirao Diaz

It’s always a great idea to start a new day with something positive. And nothing will ever get us more excited and more fulfilled than a babe as lovely as Rocio Guirao Diaz. We’ve seen her plenty of times before, but I’m sure none of […]

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Natasha Barnard

After a fruitful 2012, people are predicting grand things for Natasha Barnard. That’s basically a certainty, given her obvious beauty and fantastic level of attractiveness. From fashion magazines to the much-touted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Natasha has proven that she belongs to the elite crop […]

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Anzhela Turenko

Seems like Turkish lingerie giant Zeki Triko has a lot of tricks up their sleeves. While we are focusing on giants like Victoria’s Secret, Bonprix or Frederick’s of Hollywood, Zeki churns out babes like the hot Ukrainian beauty, Anzhela Turenko, who is very gorgeous and […]

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Carla Ossa

Another new year and another Carla Ossa gallery that’s guaranteed to melt glaciers and icebergs with ease. That’s just how we operate – we uncover the best that our best discoveries have to offer. Carla’s latest involves her working for Bonprix again, along with other […]

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Gio Ott

First gallery of the year for Gio Ott and it promises to be explosive. Then again, what gallery of hers isn’t? Critics will argue again that her outfits might be on the bland side of things, but we beg to differ. As long as Gio […]

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Fabiana Semprebom

Hard to believe but it’s been a couple of years now since we last saw Fabiana Semprebom in our ports. But we’re definitely making amends now, with several photos from her different projects in recent years. Wolford’s latest campaign involves Fabiana in some of her […]

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