Cris Urena

Last time we caught a glimpse of Cris Urena, her beloved nation of the Dominican Republic was being ravaged by a hurricane. Hopefully, everything has returned to the way it was now. Meantime, let’s enjoy what Cris has to offer with her new Victoria’s Secret […]

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Behati Prinsloo

We certainly hope that you’re still happy even after a few days past the holidays. Don’t you worry, we’re here to keep the joy going, no matter what the calendar says, and Behati Prinsloo will be accompanying us. We haven’t seen the Namibian model here […]

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Hana Nitsche

The perfect example of a model being a model citizen at the same time is Hana Nitsche. She’s won plenty of awards as a fashion icon alright, but she also has a bright mind. And to make things more interesting, she also has a soft […]

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Milou Sluis

Just how these so-called ‘experts’ rank models will continue to baffle us. Whatever their criteria may be, we’d forever challenge them because how can somebody like Milou Sluis be underrated? The Dutch darling is beautiful and sexy, and those just put her into the top […]

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Cristina Chiabotto

Never worry even if you’re freezing your noses off from your corner of the world because we’re here to warm you up. Stoking our fire even more is Cristina Chiabotto, Italian beauty queen and model extraordinaire. We can’t stress just how important Italy is to […]

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Candice Boucher

We may not have as many galleries of Candice Boucher as our other favorite Candice, but that doesn’t mean she’s any less special. This babe can put out amazing galleries as well, even if the brand isn’t Victoria’s Secret. That’s just the secret of life […]

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Erin Heatherton

The New Year, according to the Chinese zodiac, is the Year of the Water Snake. Fittingly enough, Erin Heatherton promises to take in more of the said fluid and incorporate it more on her workout regimen. Not that she needs to be any more fit; […]

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Dioni Tabbers

Where would you be when Christmas rolls in? Traditionally, it should be spent with family or loved ones at home. That’s exactly what Dioni Tabbers had in mind. As busy as she is, she can’t wait to spend it with the people she loves the […]

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Michea Crawford

Elle Macpherson was once known as ‘The Body’ and that pretty much explains what her line of work is. After her success as a model, she now dips her toes into fashion design, lingerie in particular, with Elle Macpherson Intimates. Michea Crawford demonstrates just how […]

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Elisa Sednaoui

Imagine a world where babes like Elisa Sednaoui ruled the world. I mean, if they occupied key positions in the world’s political stage – all would probably be better. Speaking five languages fluently, Elisa almost became a diplomat, before the lure of the fashion world […]

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