Sara Sampaio

Los Angeles is a hot city, but it just got hotter now that Sara Sampaio is there. It could be a shoot or something but the mere fact that she’s there is enough. The cover girl for Vogue Portugal just upped the temperature in SoCal […]

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Carla Ossa

Now we know why there’s an obsession with Hello Kitty. With Carla Ossa demonstrating just how popular that Japanese character is, we get it. But don’t think we’ll be collecting any of those cat-themed items soon, not if they’re intimate apparel like the ones Carla […]

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Nicole Williams

Canada and the US share more than just the International Border. The two nations have been delighted by the services of one Nicole Williams. Kohl’s and several lingerie brands were lucky enough to see her in her most intimate, but we’re luckier to have this […]

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Lana DeAlessi

Big props must be given to Felix Baumgartner for his incredible achievement, jumping from the edge of space last weekend. Somebody who’s definitely punching a hole through the stratosphere herself is Lana DeAlessi. The London-based model loves to travel and loves to pose, though she’d […]

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Gracie Carvalho

How about some Brazilian inspiration to get you through this early part of the week? I’m sure you wouldn’t mind, not if Gracie Carvalho does the honors. She’s another reason why we can’t wait for the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It’ll be like Christmas, […]

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Sarah Stephens

Providing us with the weekend wonder is another babe from Down Under. Sarah Stephens won some magazine’s model contest and her career immediately took off. She’s done a lot of modeling gigs and even got the chance to walk on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. […]

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Linda Palacio

Every princess deserves her own palace and this babe certainly deserves even more. Linda Palacio is widely considered as the Colombian Adriana Lima and it shows. She’s been a busy model in Asia, with plenty of gigs left and right. But the real treat are […]

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Xenia Deli

Consider this as part of our effort in drumming up support for Xenia Deli’s ascension into the pantheon of Victoria’s Secret Angels. She’s more than qualified for the job, as we’ve seen plenty of times before. But if the boffins of the legendary company still […]

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Nadia Forde

When dudes dress up in fatigues, strap on a bandolier with live ammo and go completely ‘commando’, then two things can happen: Hilarity will ensue or the whole SWAT team could go medieval on your rear end. But when chicks do it, then it’s quite […]

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Karen Kounrouzan

She may list her hair as her most favorite body part, but right off the bat, we can name two or three more of our favorites, other than her crowning glory. While it’s true that Karen Kounrouzan has beautiful, flowing locks, we appreciate the fine […]

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