Melissa Satta

Two full years of not seeing Melissa Satta must be a crime for us. So we’re making amends now, with these incredibly hot photos. It really pays to be royalty – you travel to never-heard places and you can get the prettiest babes around. Just […]

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Candice Swanepoel

Two words to get you out of the mid-week funk: Candice. Swanepoel. All the governments in the world should really declare December 4 as a red letter day. That’s the date when the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is airing, that’s why. Check your local […]

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Miranda Kerr

It’s no secret how much we love the Angels that this extremely popular lingerie brand have constantly provided us. One of those is Miranda Kerr, the Australian babe who’s the apple of the eye of Legolas. Dude’s living the life – he’s married to a […]

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Cristiana Matos

There could be any number of versions of Moulin Rouge. But we’re gentlemen and we love our manhood which is why we wouldn’t be caught dead watching that. Unless of course the lead includes Cristiana Matos. She actually did that in Cali, though we might […]

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Tetyana Veryovkina

Very sexy, very beautiful and very hot – all referring to Tetyana Veryovkina. If you’re having trouble saying her name, just say Tatiana Very and she’ll be cool with it. Judging by her name, she must be Russian, even if not by nationality. Right now, […]

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Elisandra Tomacheski

We salute you, the hardworking man this Labor Day. Go ahead and relax, take away the bad vibes and replace them with images of Elisandra Tomacheski. Then watch as your well-being get rejuvenated and your spirits revived. This is just another step closer to Rio […]

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Bar Refaeli

Apparently, the month of August had a blue moon. That’s the second full moon of the month and it’s rare, hence the figurative expression, ‘once in a blue moon’. Certainly, Bar Refaeli isn’t appearing that infrequent here. In fact, Bar has set the figurative ‘bar’ […]

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Irina Shayk

She may be in the stratosphere of success but Irina Shayk still knows how it is in the grassroots level. Taking the taxi when going to some place in New York isn’t really a problem. Being in the cover of GQ Germany for July 2012 […]

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Andi Muise

Freddie’s really becoming one of most favorite guys ever. That’s Freddie of Frederick’s of Hollywood fame mind you. Another release from the company and this time, it’s Andi Muise. She did well in her latest catalog shoot, it’s looking pretty unsure if she’ll get back […]

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Kelly Brook

Thank God it’s Friday! I’m sure everyone’s uttering those very lines right now. And thank goodness for Kelly Brook, who’s here to bring back a boatload of sexiness and then some. The first dozen galleries for this British babe has been so much fun that […]

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