Michea Crawford

Agent Provocateur provokes us yet again with some new stuff. While all of their models are certainly sexy, this next babe is definitely unmatched. We’re talking about Michea Crawford and her infinite well of hotness. It’s been a while since we last saw this beauty […]

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Monika Pietrasinska

We’re already halfway done with 2011 and it’s probably time to think about Christmas. I know it’s still quite early but nothing beats a prepared man. And I’ll be your earliest Santa Claus with the following Monika Pietrasinska gallery. Anytime you’ll see Monika in lingerie […]

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Veronika London

Most young girls dreaming of stardom, want to be an actress that could land the role of either a heroine or a damsel in distress, waiting for their prince charming. But not every girl is a Disney princess wannabe. Veronika London wants something edgier. She […]

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Candice Swanepoel

January was the last month that we saw of Candice Swanepoel here in PlunderGuide. That’s several days too many without our favorite South African sexpot. The good news is that she’s back and she’s still displaying all the qualities that made us love her, with […]

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Adriana Lima

While we were all busy paying ‘The Man’ last April 15, we may have missed some important matters. Like Adriana Lima’s newest gallery for Victoria’s Secret. Death and taxes aren’t avoidable so here’s the beautiful Brazilian to brighten your otherwise crappy month.

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Kate Upton

No need for introduction for Kate Upton. We’ve featured her several times and we know a thing or two about her already. What you probably don’t know is that there are many, many more photos yet to be seen by our mortal eyes, featuring Kate […]

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Bojana Desnica

Give a model some hot clothes and have her pose in front of the camera and you’ve got yourself a potent solution to any impending ice age. Scientists are worried that the rising temperatures are a prelude to another catastrophic cold spell but Slovakia has […]

Made Mansion Frat Fury

Megan Fox

Chicks posing in their lingerie is one thing. Megan Fox posing in her undies is another and is totally insane. Here’s everyone’s favorite fantasy female modeling for Emporio Armani Underwear & Jeans. There might be an alignment of the stars or planets or something for […]

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Melissa Giraldo

Just how many more secrets can Medellin, Colombia hold? The world may know of its most infamous son, but very few know that the same place is also home to many hot babes. That includes lingerie and swimsuit model Melissa Giraldo. Fortunately, the climate in […]

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Triana Maida

: South American Heat

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