Leila Grolimund

Germans are known the world over to be perfectionists. When something needs to be done, they are known to do it well. The people are the same and coming close to perfection are some of their babes. Just like Leila Grolimund here. No fanfare or […]

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Taylor Makakoa

Ever wondered why magicians’ assistants are always hot? That’s because they too, are part of the illusion and trickery. A clear example is Taylor Makakoa, who was originally from Hawaii but is now working in Vegas as Terry Fator’s distraction. Taylor is also the exception […]

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Svetlana Loboda

Men who beat women up are not macho, they’re actually the scum of the earth. Ukrainian artist Svetlana Loboda couldn’t agree more, which is why she wants to highlight the truth about domestic violence. She has released songs demonizing abusers and as a photographer, she […]

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Sylvia Papadaki

You don’t need a god-like figure or Adonis-like looks to get the attention of Sylvia Papadaki. Yeah right, so she says. That may or may not be true. This goddess was once picked up by a dude in a helicopter and that’s because the guy […]

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Virginia Gallardo

This Argentine model has no qualms baring her skin and much more for the cameras. But surprisingly, Virginia Gallardo claims that she’s still a virgin. Hard to believe but she considers herself an introvert. I could be wrong or Google Translate must be messing up […]

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Odalys Ramirez

Don’t be alarmed when you haven’t seen a post from one of our favorite magazines, H para Hombres. They never fail to astound us and they’re delivering the goods once more with a feature about Odalys Ramirez. This Mexican hottie has hosted several programs and […]

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Magdalena Wrobel

Staying active during these cold months is really a challenge. Models will have to double their exercise regiment or eat a lot less to keep their figure. Magdalena Wrobel is no exception and she feels that winter is the best time to get lean. This […]

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Made Mansion Frat Fury

Olivia Munn

Unless you grew up under a rock, in a cave or in outer space, chances are high that you know Olivia Munn. Every nerd’s fantasy woman is out and about again, teasing bespectacled and bedazzled geeks with her sexiness for the February 2011 issue of […]

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