Cora Skinner

You know exactly how hard it is to resist those beautiful girls, especially if you’re dealing with someone as hot as Cora Skinner. For a girl who used to be a tomboy and transformed into an absolute hottie, I must say she’s really something. This […]

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Sydney Barlette

Sydney Barlette’s seductive green eyes, tanned body and enticing figure were her ticket to become one of the best models who posed in Playboy College Girls. She hails from the good city of Houston, Texas. Aside from being featured in CG, she was also the […]

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Meredith Parker

I know that you’re all intoxicated with our vast galleries of gorgeous girls. And to increase the level of your tipsiness even more, we present you the lovely Meredith Parker. This sophisticated lady was one of the finalists in Maxim’s 2010 Hometown Hotties and appeared […]

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Angelina Christina

We may be too busy with some other stuff, but we just can’t stop looking at hot chicks either on the web or in person, especially with the likes of Angelina Christina. This bombshell looks very sexy with her tanned skin that matches her brown […]

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Melanie Iglesias

With a name like that, you’d think that Melanie Iglesias wouldn’t do something to offend any form of deity. Maxim mag’s 2010 Hometown Hottie winner did some unholy things on hallowed grounds with her boyfriend but she said she’s sorry for it. All’s forgiven, Melanie, […]

Pamela Burgos

Gone were the days when you have to keep catalogs in order to get your teenage hormonal ‘fix’, if you know what I mean. Nowadays, if you want to find sexy girls for your inspiration, all you have to do is be connected to the […]

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Jenn Sterger

Brett Favre’s alleged scandalous photos sent to Jenn Sterger will forever haunt him. Whenever one of them is mentioned, the other’s name will inevitably come up as well; that’s just how it goes in the realm of sports/showbiz scandals. Time marches on however, for Jenn […]

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Anna Kournikova

She may not be playing professional tennis anymore but Anna Kournikova is still fresh in the consciousness of her fans. Though a Grand Slam title eluded her, she’s still a champ in our books. After some years of absence from the modeling circuit, here’s Anna’s […]

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Jackie Rice

A lot of Asians have rice as their staple diet. Their meals won’t be complete without a cup of that oh-so-white goodness. Getting hungry yet? Well, you won’t just go hungry, but will be starving for somebody like Jackie Rice. She’s part-American and part-Filipina but […]

Victoria Moore

In her interview with Maxim magazine, Victoria Moore quoted ‘when the game is over, the king and the pawn go in the same box’. That’s an Italian proverb and I don’t have the first clue on what it meant. But I guess it means that […]

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