Kelly Brook

Bikes, black leather and the best British bikini babe Kelly Brook. That’s just the perfect recipe for the ultimate photo shoot. And Maxim US got the flavor right for their August 2010 issue. This won’t be the first time we’ll feature Kelly, but this is […]

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Cristina Dumitru

Cristina Dumitru When Maxim Magazine searched for the first Miss Maxim in 2006, little did they know that they will find their queen in Romania. There may be some stereotypes about Romanians but Cristina Dumitru blasts all those stereotypes out of the water.

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Malillany Marin

Some say she’s Mexican while others think she’s Cuban. Either way, all will agree that Malillany Marin is a truly beautiful woman. Here’s her latest shoot for H para Hombre magazine and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. She has posed for FHM and Maxim before and […]

Brittany Murata

Well, we’ve all heard several females before call themselves as ‘one of the boys’. But Brittany Murata genuinely believes she can hang out with some of her toughest friends and still come out unscathed. This Maxim Hometown Hottie has an absolutely delectable kisser and if […]

Kate Groombridge

Controversy leads to publicity which ultimately leads to infamy for some, but money for the others. Kate Groombridge went for the money. She was the face of Gossard Lingerie and her ads were considered too racy even for British taste. Now that’s saying something for […]

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Ingrid Ullrich

She’s off to the seas, beautifying the world and dazzling audiences with her dance moves. But while she’s away on a Caribbean Cruise, Ingrid Ullrich wants your nod for Maxim’s Hometown Hotties search. Ingrid is a rare quadruple threat that certainly delivers on all four […]

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Maria Berseneva

Maria Berseneva is a popular model and actress from Russia. Here are here latest hot pics for the January issue of the Russian Maxim magazine. She’s a real stunner. Maria Berseneva Maria Berseneva

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Simona Fusco

For any blond, there will never be a bigger complement than be called as ‘the most spectacular looking blond since Marilyn Monroe’. That’s just what a famous columnist labeled Simona Fusco. She grew up in Italy and Austria but migrated to the United States. Oliver […]

Jennifer Love Hewitt

What is it about the three name babes that make them so hot. There’s Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sara Michelle Gellar and even Sara Jessica Parker had her hey day. Did you know she’s been on FHM’s Top 100 sexiest list 15 times and the Maxim […]

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Mariquena Cornejo

She could have been studying the haunting songs of the humpback whales or analyzing the amount of plankton present in the world’s oceans but Mariquena Cornejo chose to be a model instead. The Argentine hottie is a cousin of Jessica Cirio but she’s a little […]

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