Sharae Spears

From being a country girl to the top of the heap in one of the most competitive lists in the world, Sharae Spears will fondly remember 2009. The Knoxville, TN native went from becoming a Maxim Hometown Hottie to being crowned as Playboy’s Cyber Girl […]

Britt Shelstad

Racing bikes and doing crazy stuff gets this Wyoming girl’s motor running. Brittany Shelstad, or Britt, once had an accident on her bike which required 22 staples to her head. But that didn’t stop her from riding again as she was back on the saddle […]

Kristin Gustafson

Turlock, California just transformed from the ‘City of God’ to the ‘City of a Goddess’. One of its daughters, Kristin Gustafson, took home the top honors as Maxim’s Hometown Hotties winner for 2009. Her hometown is so small that she went to the same high […]

Cora Skinner

When all other girls her age were joining beauty pageants, Cora Skinner and her sister were busy playing or shooting rifles in the ranch they grew up with. Yes, it’s hard to believe that such a pretty and sexy woman would be able to handle […]

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Rachael Cornwell

Serving food to irate customers has got to be one of the most pressure-packed jobs in the world. Now imagine that pressure and multiply it by 10 if you’re serving food while on roller skates. That’s the predicament that Rachael Cornwell faced before being cast […]

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Daniela Eleftheraki

She was known as the Lolita of the Greek fashion world. Daniela Eleftheraki started her modeling career very early in her teens, at age 13. A popular fashion photographer saw her potential and so began Daniela’s rise to the top. Naturally, magazine shoots and product […]

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Christa Campbell

Unlike most actresses who move from mainstream to obscure B-movies, Christa Campbell chose a different direction. She started her acting career starring in softcore skin flicks until she moved into mainstream movies. She never imagined that she’ll go from starring in “Erotic Landscapes” into acting […]

Made Mansion Frat Fury


When partying, she likes R n’ B music, but when she’s in the mood for love, Stina always reaches for the Joe Cocker records for the slow and sensual music. This British babe from Bristol once swam with sharks – in her birthday suit! She’ll […]

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Francoise Boufhal

Some say that good things come in small packages but some may disagree. Men in particular, like their women in a big package, so to speak, and Francoise Boufhal is just one of those hotties. She had to stop acting in theater and TV because […]

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Larissa Riquelme

Whether in the courtroom or out in the streets, Larissa Riquelme won’t go down quietly in a fight. She’d be glad to duke it out with the rest of them and law suits don’t necessarily scare her. This Paraguayan hottie may not look like it, […]

Out of Aces Wealthy Wheels