Micaela Orsi

If and when you decide to watch the Miss Universe pageant (maybe you were bored and wanted to see world-class beauty queens), don’t change channels too quickly when the candidates are introduced. Miss Uruguay Micaela Orsi might be one of the last beauties to be […]

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Alexia Viruez

Welcome the second Bolivian to rest on our shores. Alexia Viruez will represent her country at the 62nd edition of the Miss Universe pageant. She comes from the city of Santa Cruz, the country’s business capital. What do you think of her chances at the […]

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Jimena Navarrete

So what does a former Miss Universe pageant titlist do when she’s not busy with her various duties and commitments? She models for stuff, looking fiery-hot in the process. That’s just what Jimena (Ximena) Navarrete does. C&A Mexico and L’Oreal recently tapped her services for […]

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Olivia Culpo

Height doesn’t necessarily equal might, and Olivia Culpo proves that once more as she was crowned the 2012 Miss Universe. Back in June, we already figured that she had a good chance of bagging the title. The Rhode Island representative didn’t disappoint and USA now […]

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Daniella Alvarez Vasquez

A lot of Colombians have passed by our ports but it’s only now that the country’s Primera SeƱorita for 2012 made her port of call. She’s Daniella Alvarez Vasquez, Colombia’s bet for the 2012 Miss Universe title. Some say she’s on the shorter side of […]

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Sara Chafak

From the land of a thousand lakes comes a babe with more than a thousand levels of gorgeousness. She’s not from Minnesota but from Finland and she’ll be representing her country at the Miss Universe pageant. Sara Chefak is half-Moroccan and half-Finn, which explains her […]

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Leila Lopes

Making history for the African nation of Angola in 2011 is Leila Lopes, the first Angolan to be crowned Miss Universe. She beat 88 other beauties from around the world but it’s not without controversy. No surprises there since we’re all aware now that these […]

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Olivia Pinheiro

Pop quiz: what are the two things you don’t ask a woman lest you get slapped right across your face? That’s her weight and her age. Miss Bolivia Olivia Pinheiro apparently wasn’t happy about the fact that her real age might be revealed at the […]

Laura Dundovic

How would you like to date Laura Dundovic in the dark? Of course you would. Heck, I’d date her to the bottom of the Marianas Trench if I could hold our breath that long! She was Australia’s representative to the 2008 Miss Universe pageant. Though […]

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Venus Raj

For someone who has been through several upheavals in her life, Maria Venus Raj can still laugh at her challenges. This half-Indian, half-Filipina beauty queen represented the Philippines in the latest Miss Universe beauty pageant in Las Vegas. She ended fourth runner-up, much to the […]

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