Hillary Fisher

You couldn’t tell by her looks but Hillary Fisher is an avid pastry chef who went to great lengths pursuing her dream. Aside from being absolutely hot, Hillary knows a thing or two about those sweet, sweet cupcakes and crepes. She went to Johnson & […]

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Jurgita Valts

When the feeling of homesickness settles in, Jurgita would just go to her happy place and dance by herself. But she doesn’t go Billy Idol and “dances with herself” though, she puts on her headset and dances – literally. There are days that going to […]

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Elena Tenisheva

The city of Kiev in Ukraine is a historical and natural gem for the former Soviet Union. This is the birthplace of several influential Ukrainians including Igor Sikorsky who gave the world the helicopter and is also home for Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko. But another […]

Irina Shayk

For many of us, being stuck in a train for three straight days is like a prison sentence. But for Irina Shayk (also Sheik), it’s the road to glory. Born Irina Shaykhlislamova – yeah, good luck pronouncing that, she was on her way to Moscow […]

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Eve Wyrwal

She’d put three spoonfuls of sugar in her tea, will eat anything she likes, and will deliberately avoid the gym yet she still remains hot. That’s right, Eve Wyrwal doesn’t have a rigid diet or gym regiment as most models do and still has that […]

Tashia McIntosh

Growing up as a talented, beautiful, and overall good girl, Tashia McIntosh became the envy of other girls. They either loved her or emulated her. Tashia comes from a conservative family where good values are of equal importance with good looks, if not higher. She’s […]

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Cassie Keller

Cassie Keller from Greenville, Michigan just turned 19 recently which means she was eligible to vote in the last election and she can legally get married if she so chooses. But that may be years ahead of Cassie’s priorities now, especially since the American public […]

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