Diana Morales

Show of hands, who wants ‘moar’ of Diana Morales? I certainly do. The last time we saw this Spanish sensation was over a year ago. The time that passed saw the emergence of several galleries from this beauty. We’re truly sorry for not updating on […]

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Candice Swanepoel

Just about everybody has seen the contents of that swimsuit issue from that magazine. The babes featured there are great, but they totally missed out several noteworthy figures. Like our favorite model right here. Granted, Candice Swanepoel isn’t a swimsuit model exclusively, she can still […]

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Melissa Howe

After her sister, it’s now Melissa Howe‘s turn to be on the Playboy spotlight. One half of the Howe Twins returns with some fantastic shots from her recent stint with the Bunny publication. The debate will probably rage on about which Howe is actually sexier […]

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Amanda Gontijo

Beauty queen and former Big Brother Brasil beauty Amanda Gontijo blazes the pages of our bastion. She’s a former Miss Divinopolis and it’s a wonder why she didn’t become Miss Brazil. We’ll never really understand the ins and outs of beauty pageants but we’re just […]

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Georgia Salpa

The March 2014 issue of Loaded magazine is just filled from front page to back with sexiness. And their selected babe for the cover is none other than Georgia Salpa. Things are looking to go on the up and up for this Irish model. She’s […]

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Yara Khmidan

Beautiful lady with a gorgeous body and an absolutely astonishing name. That combination has worked several times for a lot of the girls we’ve featured and it’s working right now. Yara Khmidan is a Ukrainian fashion model who now calls Los Angeles home. And why […]

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Amy Willerton

Feeling cold and blue this time of the year? In case you’re still feeling the bitter cold, let Amy Willerton warm you up in a hurry. Great Britain’s representative to the 2013 Miss Universe pageant is showing that you don’t have to be crowned in […]

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Natalia Velez

Love is definitely all around and delivering that in heaps is the lovely Natalia Velez. We haven’t seen her for a while and this is certainly a refreshing return. She’s been busy with several projects and that’s not really surprising. A girl of Natalia’s caliber […]

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Melody Mir

You really have to admire the motivation for swimwear designers who incorporate all the weird stuff that aren’t normally found on swimming attire. Victoria’s Secret is a known purveyor of crazy expensive swimsuits with gems and all. A select handful of VS Angles have showcased […]

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Moran Nimni

Classically beautiful with a familiar first name and a totally unique last name. That’s all we know initially about Moran Nimni. Her first name is a giveaway on her nationality (which is Israeli, in case you still wondered). She’s also part Dutch, which totally explains […]

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