Ingerid Maske

You’d never guess just how many times people have mistaken the spelling of this next babe’s name. She’s Ingerid Maske, and that’s the real spelling of her name. There’s an “E” between the consonants, which is quite unusual in common names but not in Norway […]

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Camilla Jacobsen

Dubai is a scorching hot city, no thanks to the fact that it’s in the desert. It became even hotter when they asked babes like Camilla Jacobsen to host some of the lavish parties in various hot spots. This Norwegian isn’t used to the heat, […]

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Beatrice Prochazka

Feeding our fantasies with her look and her wares is Beatrice Prochazka. Not only is this Norwegian model hot, she’s also a businesswoman, catering to our wildest imaginations with Hollywood’s sexiest boutique, Bizzy B. The person behind those sexy outfits and costumes is a sexy […]

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Gabriella Holsten

Now’s probably not the most ideal time to visit Norway. Unless of course you want to freeze your brains out, then go ahead. Summer’s a good bet since you’ll at least see babes as lovely as Gabriella Holsten with a little less clothing. But for […]

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Natalia Marie

It really doesn’t take a genius to figure out how hot Natalia Marie is, she’s a gorgeous model with a striking blend of Filipino and Norwegian beauties. She was known as a good go-go dancer and she loves to play poker. This 25-year-old smoking-hot babe […]

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Heidi Johnsen

No, you’re not reading a mistype there. That’s the real spelling of Heidi Johnsen’s name. She’s from Norway so her last name is spelled differently from what you and I are used to. She was a finalist for the Norwegian Supermodel of the World in […]

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Jani Askevold

As beautiful as her country might be, she just had to move out. Jani Askevold was starting to become a big fish in a small pool so she opted out of Norway. The fashion industry isn’t as big in Baerum as in, say, France so […]

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Lene Alexandra

She is called Miss Boobs and as you can see, it’s rightfully so. Lene Alexandra is a Norwegian singer and model that’s been in FHM magazine and others. She started her music career with her single “My Boobs Are OK”. And we more than agree […]

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Helene Rask

Helene Rask is a super hot Norwegian model that has been doing what she does best since the age of just 17. She is best known for her appearances in magazines like FHM, Vi Menn, Henne, and Se&Hør og Her&Nå. and for participating in the […]

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Triana Iglesias

We’ll give you 3 seconds to think of a hotter combination than Spanish and Norwegian before we unveil Triana Iglesias (no relation to Enrique, but they do share a similar upper lip mole). She recently appeared in this foreign issue of FHM, and we hope […]

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