Miryam Calizaya

Though she’s clearly not Chinese, Miryam Calizaya isn’t passing up on the Chinese New Year celebration. She’s dressed up as a bunny and it looks like Peru will be having a population explosion. Why did I say that? Because of romantics like Miryam here, who’s […]

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Cindy Davila

Like all women, Cindy Davila would rather be alone than be with bad company. That makes a lot of sense actually. Dealing with your personal issues is difficult enough – dealing with your partner’s set of problems is downright insane. So instead of looking for […]

Abby Woo

You’d be forgiven to think that Abby Woo is from the Far East – either from China or Korea or somewhere in between. But actually, Abby is from another culture on another side of the planet; Peru to be precise. Half a century ago, it […]

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Leslie Ann Shaw

When a female’s hobbies are just going to the gym and singing, then they’re bound to be as lovely as Leslie Ann Shaw. She has all the hallmarks of becoming an accomplished model and she’s well on her way to the top. Only trouble may […]

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Carla Bustamante

Let me warn you first before you browse the next gallery. Please don’t bust any nerves as you view Carla Bustamante’s photos. She’s a Psychology student in Peru and her body isn’t playing mind games with us. It’s all real and all beautiful. So grab […]

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Tracy Freundt

From a very young age, Tracy Freundt felt the pressure of fame. She was dubbed as the prettiest teen in Peru and that’s saying something, considering the steady flow of felines we’ve featured here from that country. Eventually, she took part in the Miss Peru […]

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Cynthia Chanta

You can bet the house that a girl who comes from a town called Chiclayo would look absolutely amazing. Such as the case for Cynthia Chanta. The Peruvian beauty represented her country in the Miss World pageant. I wonder just how many more hotties are […]

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Stephanie Cayo

We really can’t stress enough the importance of telenovelas or soap operas. Those daytime programs have yielded their fair share of beauties including Stephanie Cayo here. This Peruvian princess started her career as a young child before graduating to more serious roles. Though I haven’t […]

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Daniela Razzeto

Enjoy what you can, while you can with whatever Daniela Razzeto has to offer. This Peruvian model swore that she will never pose nude. She can go as far as posing sexily in her undergarments but that’s about it. Unless something piques her interest into […]

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Tilsa Lozano

Here’s the face of Playboy TV in Latin America. Peruvian princess Tilsa Lozano was selected as the iconic company’s representative and it’s no short order. We’ve known Latinas to be extremely beautiful and sexy so to represent that demographic is simply astounding. But with Tilsa’s […]

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