Ivy Ferguson

Exciting times today for Canadians and Southern Californians alike, particularly the hockey fans. The Montreal Canadiens and the Los Angeles Kings are fighting for a spot in the Stanley Cup Championship. I only mentioned this fact because of Ivy Ferguson. She’s originally from Canada but […]

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Lissette Marie

Nobody in their right frame of mind would pass on the chance to hang out with Lissette Marie. The Mexican model is obviously lovely, but you would be glad to know that Lissette likes pretty much all things that men want: Booze, sports and cars. […]

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Joanie Brosas

Let this Filipino, Dutch and German beauty welcome the weekend with a resounding bang. Joanie Brosas is the daughter of an Air Force officer and was born in Guam. But she calls Salt Lake City home now, whenever she’s not busy shooting for Playboy or […]

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Stacey Kay

Think Stacey Kay’s pretty hot? Wait ’til you see other angles of her. And by other angles, I mean her rear end, that incredible Latina bottom. She’s half Panamanian, hailing from Gilbert, Arizona. Having overcome the loss of her mother when she was in her […]

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Tancy Marie

Somebody who really knows how to look good in every shooting opportunity is Port Saint Lucie princess Tancy Marie. That’s because she’s a professional hair and makeup artist and a Playboy model on top of that. Though she may be showing her body in some […]

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Taya Parker

Yes, we have already posted an article of Taya Parker here before, but we noticed that you just can’t get enough of this 2009 Penthouse Pet of the Year. So we’re bringing her back with some of her sizzling hot shots. With just one naughty […]

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Tyran Richard

Once again, Tyran Richard will stir your mind with her sophisticated and dazzling beauty. She’s been in numerous men’s websites and magazines, but for some reason, we keep on begging for more of this hottie from Louisiana. With such a wondrous body like hers, who […]

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Claudia Fijal

Modeling since her early teens brought out the best and hottest qualities from Claudia Fijal. Originally from Poland, she now lives and works in the LA area where, as we all know, only the hottest of people can prosper. And we’re not talking about the […]

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Brittany Barbour

We’ve known a lot of girls who have a beautiful face and a well-proportioned body, but there’re only a few who can maintain such a nice figure. Which reminds me of this stunningly beautiful Playboy model, Brittany Barbour. This hottie is fond of traveling from […]

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Michelle Baena

Just like any other girl, Michelle Baena also faced a lot of disappointments. But the good thing about her is that she never stopped walking and still strives for her dream of becoming a model. This hottie started off by sending a few of her […]

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