Ann Denise

Really sad to know that Nuts Magazine is saying goodbye to us. Both the online and the analog versions of the magazine will cease to exist. Fortunately for us, Playboy still exists. The Bunny publication really could use all the British babes that Nuts won’t […]

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Zoi Gorman

Whatever your image of a civil engineer may be, just throw it away right now. Get rid of the typical hard hat-wearing, blueprint-having dude who visits construction sites day in and day out. That’s because civil engineers can be goddesses as well. Take Zoi Gorman […]

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Melissa Howe

After her sister, it’s now Melissa Howe‘s turn to be on the Playboy spotlight. One half of the Howe Twins returns with some fantastic shots from her recent stint with the Bunny publication. The debate will probably rage on about which Howe is actually sexier […]

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Nikki Du Plessis

Checking the map of the world, you’ll notice that South Africa is at the bottom half of things. But that nation is tops when it comes to a lot of beautiful things, like their women. A great example here is Nikki Du Plessis, an actress […]

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Carla and Melissa Howe

One Playboy Playmate is good – two is infinitely better. And when said Playmates are twins, then the awesomeness meter just ceases to record a worthwhile reading. That should be the case for the twins Carla and Melissa Howe. Born in May 1990 in Berkshire, […]

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Monika Kalisz

Switzerland may be a neutral country as far as global politics are concerned, but they’re power players in many aspects. From heavenly treats to some of the most precise wristwatches, the country is nothing short of spectacular. Add to the fact that babes like Monika […]

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Raquel Pomplun

Getting in the holiday spirit is Playboy’s Playmate of the Year for 2013 Raquel Pomplun. Now technically, the year may be over and you could say that Raquel’s reign as PMOY is all but over. But that won’t be true, not until PMOY 2014 is […]

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Lisa Seiffert

While it’s true that some women pose naked for posterity’s sake, others do it for the pleasure of the opposite sex. Sometimes, it’s for their fellow daughters of Eve too, but that’s another story. Lisa Seiffert wanted men to feel funny inside whenever she disrobes […]

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Amanda Cerny

Here to quench our thirst for beautiful babes coming from the weekend is Amanda Cerny. Miss October 2011 was recently spotted in a shoot for a water company. Good move for them, because the appeal of a Playboy Playmate dousing her tank top with bottled […]

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Bryiana Noelle

Another amazing product of the global village we live in right now is Bryiana Noelle. She’s part Filipino, Chinese, Spanish, Cherokee and Blackfoot but all beauty. Starting out as a pageant queen, this hottie decided to embark on a bigger adventure. Her journey eventually took […]

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