Ali Rose

Every lad born before the birth of very fast Internet access would be very familiar with ads of x-ray glasses being sold on the back pages of comic books and some magazines. Those who were gullible enough fell for the thing with disastrous results. Somebody […]

Gigi Marie

Cheer up, it’s the weekend! It was indeed a crazy week for all of us, what with that silly government shutdown. But let’s leave those woes behind us for a moment and focus on the beautiful Gigi Marie. She has that classic ‘pinup’ look and […]

Amanda Cerny

Here to quench our thirst for beautiful babes coming from the weekend is Amanda Cerny. Miss October 2011 was recently spotted in a shoot for a water company. Good move for them, because the appeal of a Playboy Playmate dousing her tank top with bottled […]

Jordan Ashley

Oh Canada, the home and native land of Jordan Ashley, is also home for mind-bendingly beautiful women. But she was born in Davenport, Iowa then moved to Calgary, Alberta. Probably a good thing too because she’s a figure skater. It’s no secret that Calgary is […]

Valerie Mason

Babes like Valerie Mason give hope for guys who prefer listening to tunes composed by real musicians. She likes music from the 70s and 80s, back when autotune wasn’t even in the consciousness of the general public. Born in Monroe, LA, Valerie is part Cherokee […]

Paige Phillips

Taking a page out of our book of incredibly gorgeous British babes is Paige Phillips. The Playboy video of her should be enjoyed in full privacy, at your own time because you wouldn’t wanna get interrupted mid-play. She may have a common name (with several […]

Jeska Marie Claire

There would be very few bad hair days whenever you’re with Jeska Marie Claire. That’s because she’s a professional hair dresser when she’s not posing for Playboy. Hidden beneath that beautiful facade though is a small town girl who loves to hang out with her […]

Made Mansion Frat Fury

Devin Justine

You would never believe it but Devin Justine is already a mom. She looks back at her whirlwind of a childhood and before she realized it, she has a child of her own. But she’s wants to make things right and is working really hard […]

Joanie Brosas

Let this Filipino, Dutch and German beauty welcome the weekend with a resounding bang. Joanie Brosas is the daughter of an Air Force officer and was born in Guam. But she calls Salt Lake City home now, whenever she’s not busy shooting for Playboy or […]

Stacey Kay

Think Stacey Kay’s pretty hot? Wait ’til you see other angles of her. And by other angles, I mean her rear end, that incredible Latina bottom. She’s half Panamanian, hailing from Gilbert, Arizona. Having overcome the loss of her mother when she was in her […]

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