Joanna Krupa

Missed her already? I know I did so here’s Joanna Krupa, heating up our lovely corner of the Interwebs with more of her sensational shots. Seeing her is like witnessing a sunset over a body of water – it’s just beautiful no matter how you […]

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Veronica Lavery

What do most people do if they saw something unusual and unique? Since we find it very interesting, most of us will spend time contemplating it. No wonder, we’re so fond of girls with unique and uncommon beauty like Veronica Lavery. This hottie from the […]

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Paula Marciniak

Even a Polish singer like Paula Marciniak thinks that Polish people are bored. This is why she’s looking to revitalize that image with a sexy new take. She’s been singing all the way back to kindergarten school along with her grandparents. But she’s now moved […]

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Carolina Spidel

Hailing from Florida, Carolina Spidel is a model with a classy beauty. And if you’ve been wondering why she got a beauty that looks kind of unique, that may be because of her Polish, German, Irish, Italian, and Native American mix. Yes, she only stands […]

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Marta Krupa

Her big sister may be getting more media mileage but Marta Krupa doesn’t seem to mind. She’s happy being associated with a world-famous supermodel and she knows her beauty is just as effective. Marta’s being featured as FHM’s cover girl. Litte Miss Innocent (according to […]

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Magdalena Frackowiak

Momma knows best and that saying held true once more for Magdalena Frackowiak. When she was 16, her mom sent her photos to a modeling agency in Warsaw, Poland and unsurprisingly, she was hired. After several magazine publications and runway appearances, Magdalena became a Victoria’s […]

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Magdalena Wrobel

Staying active during these cold months is really a challenge. Models will have to double their exercise regiment or eat a lot less to keep their figure. Magdalena Wrobel is no exception and she feels that winter is the best time to get lean. This […]

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Marta Gut

Each photo shoot, each assignment, is a learning experience for Polish model Marta Gut. It’s not common to learn things while having fun and posing is the most entertaining activity for Marta. She has only been modeling for a few years now but Playboy thinks […]

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Sylwia Nowak

Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus was the first person to debunk the myth that the Earth was the center of the universe. Now that we’ve been enlightened, we’ll ask you to make this Polish as the center of your universe for the time being. Sylwia Nowak […]

Jennifer Walcott

We present to you one of the hottest swimsuit model, Jennifer Walcott. She was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio. After her high school she decided to move to L.A. where she took business classess and later on decided to pursue a career in modeling. […]

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