Sati Kazanova

One third of the Russian pop group Fabrika is Sati Kazanova. If you knew her real first name, you’d probably be weary of her presence. That’s because her birth name is Sataney Setgalievna Kazanova. I’m sure Sataney doesn’t mean much in Russian, but it’s not […]

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Faye Tozer

Faye Tozer started her career as a member of the pop group Steps, which gave her recognition and fame. The group disbanded in 2001, but she returned to singing with Russell Watson. After the split of Steps, most of her work was in theatre. She […]

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Ami Tokito

Making your heart jump just a little bit quicker is this Tokyo cutie. Ami Tokito is a Japanese gravure idol (no shock there) but is also a singer and an avid cosplayer. And she’s a big fan of manga as well. That explains the nerdy […]

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Kylie Minogue

Veteran pop star Kylie Minogue wants us to welcome 2011 doing the Locomotion. Okay, so it’s a classic hit from Kylie’s career but she’s still alive and well – and could still kick the rear ends of today’s pop stars. And she’s still sexy too, […]

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Natasa Bekvalac

Don’t worry if this Serbian popstar is sending small signals the wrong way. It’s nothing personal, she’s only yours. Natasa Bevkalac rose to fame in her homeland with several catchy tunes that I’ve yet to hear. But that’s the magic of the Internet – we […]

Katy Perry

Katy Perry may have been raised by Christian parents but this did not stop the 25-year-old girl from showing her shapely bod when she sings her hits on stage. This voluptuous hottie turns heads wherever she goes. Aside from her music, Katy became famous for […]

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Anahi Portillo

An eating disorder couldn’t keep this Mexican beauty from becoming a Barbie doll. Anahi Portillo’s character in the Mexican telenovela ‘Rebelde’ was so inspiring that a Barbie doll had to be created in her honor. Her showbiz career started when she was just 2 years […]

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Noelia Monge

Noelia Monge is a Puerto Rican singer who allegedly has a sex tape circulating around the net. Don’t you find her hot? Well, she is really really hot to me. No wonder her exboyfriend is so proud to have filmed her.

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