Bojana Krsmanovic

For a while there, I thought that the first name ‘Bojana’ would be far too uncommon. But I loved to be proved wrong at this moment because there’s another beauty that goes by that name visits us. Bojana Krsmanovic certainly has a unique last name, […]

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Jenna Jenovich

History has sometimes been kind to the city of Belgrade, but there are times when fate was a little too cruel to it. This time though, the city is kind enough to show us one of her daughters in the person of Jenna Jenovich. She’s […]

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Dejana Zivkovic

You know it’s a good day when you’re visited by a Top Model. This time, it’s Dejana Zivkovic making her maiden port of call to Plunder Guide, and to any blog for that matter (as far as I have checked). She was part of Srpski […]

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Dzena Jenovic

How will a Serbian-born beauty fare in the streets of the United States? That’s the premise of Dzena Jenovic’s new project called ‘Model Citizen’. Belgrade is world’s different from Bel-Air (or any other city in America for that matter) but it’s nice to know the […]

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Nina Senicar

Nothing can cap the week off more perfectly than a pretty lady showing her wares. You may have had a forgettable last few days but you can rest easy because Nina Senicar is here to make it all better. Sit back and relax, Miss Yugoslavia […]

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Sofija Milosevic

Serbia’s next supermodel is undoubtedly Sofija Milosevic. We can safely assume that as a fact, since there isn’t that many models coming out of the former Yugoslavia. But there are definitely more beauties from where Sofija came from. We just haven’t seen them yet, so […]

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Natasa Bekvalac

Don’t worry if this Serbian popstar is sending small signals the wrong way. It’s nothing personal, she’s only yours. Natasa Bevkalac rose to fame in her homeland with several catchy tunes that I’ve yet to hear. But that’s the magic of the Internet – we […]

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Georgina Stojiljkovic

Georgina Stojiljkovic It’s rare to find a beautiful woman who’s also conscious about the plight of other people around her. Serbian model Georgina Stojiljkovic is one of those rarities. She studied political science and became very active in volunteering work supported by the United Nations. […]

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Ivana Kukric

It’s Easter Monday and we all could use a good smile today and we can thank our beautiful Serbian babe here for that. Earning the distinction as one of the most beautiful girls in any country is quite a feat and Ivana Kukric has unofficially […]

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Anastazija Budic

Anastazija Budic is one hot and sexy Serb. She’s a model and actress in her homeland and many people compare her to Jane Seymour. With her mesmerizing looks, maybe if she were a UN goodwill ambassador there would be much less strife in the former […]

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