Dasha Prikhno

Dasha Prikhno Get your freak on with this killer chick from Kiev. Dasha Prikhno is a model with a budding career in front of her. There’s a couple of videos of her that totally reveals an excellent figure. And you know that it’s her true […]

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Kate Upton

The real horror last Halloween was seeing Kate Upton dressed up like a school teacher going to church on a Sunday. While it’s true that she’s sexy whatever she’s wearing, we’re still expecting to see her on something a lot more provocative. Fortunately, Vogue Italia […]

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Nicole Williams

Canada and the US share more than just the International Border. The two nations have been delighted by the services of one Nicole Williams. Kohl’s and several lingerie brands were lucky enough to see her in her most intimate, but we’re luckier to have this […]

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Xenia Deli

Consider this as part of our effort in drumming up support for Xenia Deli’s ascension into the pantheon of Victoria’s Secret Angels. She’s more than qualified for the job, as we’ve seen plenty of times before. But if the boffins of the legendary company still […]

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Kelly Brook

How about a nice Sunday cruise around the bay with Kelly Brook? Sounds enticing right? It’s so good that you’ll forget about swashbuckling or even booty-huntin’ for a while. Why would you look for more when you have plenty of it on board, thanks to […]

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Nadia Forde

When dudes dress up in fatigues, strap on a bandolier with live ammo and go completely ‘commando’, then two things can happen: Hilarity will ensue or the whole SWAT team could go medieval on your rear end. But when chicks do it, then it’s quite […]

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Bar Refaeli

Apparently, the month of August had a blue moon. That’s the second full moon of the month and it’s rare, hence the figurative expression, ‘once in a blue moon’. Certainly, Bar Refaeli isn’t appearing that infrequent here. In fact, Bar has set the figurative ‘bar’ […]

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Irina Shayk

She may be in the stratosphere of success but Irina Shayk still knows how it is in the grassroots level. Taking the taxi when going to some place in New York isn’t really a problem. Being in the cover of GQ Germany for July 2012 […]

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Tori Praver

On her list of most-watched films, Tori Praver cites ‘My Girl’ as one of her favorites. That movie was definitely cute – sad but was quite adorable. What isn’t cute is what happened to its male lead, Macaulay Culkin. He had it all, he dated […]

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Andi Muise

Freddie’s really becoming one of most favorite guys ever. That’s Freddie of Frederick’s of Hollywood fame mind you. Another release from the company and this time, it’s Andi Muise. She did well in her latest catalog shoot, it’s looking pretty unsure if she’ll get back […]

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