Candice Swanepoel

We’re so used to seeing Candice Swanepoel in lingerie or bikini, with the typical ‘Victoria’s Secret’ look. Now for the baker’s dozen, she’s looking a little different, but sexy nevertheless. The theme is very much like the apocalyptic wasteland that scientists predict if a giant […]

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Nadine Coyle

Being called the “highlight” of a reality show guarantees a ticket to stardom, that’s for sure. Just as the case for Irish singer/hottie Nadine Coyle. She joined the UK’s talent show Popstars: The Rival where she became a heavy favorite and win she did. After […]

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Nadia Bruna

Please welcome Nadia, one-half of the incredibly hot Bruna sisters. They’re of Argentinian descent but decided to stay in the equally hot resort town of Cabo San Lucas. Nadia and her twin sister Dana, are often seen working together and dazzling photographers everywhere they go. […]

Diora Baird

Friends call her Dee Dee or Double D, and don’t wonder why. Her ample curves and fabulous 32DD’s were almost going into oblivion had it not for her mom who enrolled got her into acting. Mommy Baird, also a model, wanted a daughter who lives […]

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Denise Milani

In the known universe, heavenly bodies have their own gravitational field that attract other bodies. Denise Milani’s body is not only heavenly, it’s gravitational attraction is so strong that we really couldn’t post enough photos of her. In our solar system, she could be compared […]

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April Gutierrez

This is her time and this is her month. April Lynn Gutierrez is ready to take over the modeling world, one photo shoot at a time. She’s a professional model in the truest sense of the term. Improving herself is one aspect of modeling, she […]

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Elena Tenisheva

The city of Kiev in Ukraine is a historical and natural gem for the former Soviet Union. This is the birthplace of several influential Ukrainians including Igor Sikorsky who gave the world the helicopter and is also home for Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko. But another […]

Made Mansion Frat Fury

Irina Shayk

For many of us, being stuck in a train for three straight days is like a prison sentence. But for Irina Shayk (also Sheik), it’s the road to glory. Born Irina Shaykhlislamova – yeah, good luck pronouncing that, she was on her way to Moscow […]

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Ali Sonoma

She was once the beauty among the battling beasts of the UFC Octagon. Ali Sonoma from St. Louis, Missiouri used to light up the famed octagonal fighting arena of mixed martial arts before she moved to bigger and brighter things. She believes that there’s more […]

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Alina Vacariu

How many 14 year olds do you know that have won their country’s Model of the Year Award? Well, Alina Vacariu has won that in 1998, in her native country of Romania. The award marked the beginning of her rise to the top after she […]

Out of Aces Wealthy Wheels