Aniko Michnyaova

Since you’re starting the week, might as well start it right. And we know just how to do that, with guns blazing and with babes sizzling. We can thank Aniko Michnyaova for the latter there. The Slovakian model has been in countless publications and campaigns […]

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Adriana Cernanova

What’s better than spending the whole day in a resort with a sweet girl beside you, especially if that someone is as pretty as this Slovakian supermodel, Adriana Cermanova. She’s probably one of the hottest blondes you’ll ever see. Recently, she posed for the newest […]

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Katarina van Derham

Somebody whose fun didn’t stop even after Entourage made its final curtain call is Katarina van Derham. You may remember her as the buxom blonde serving as Bob Saget’s arm candy. Katarina is also the first Slovakian babe to become a St. Pauli Girl. But […]

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Vica Kerekes

Women will always have the upper hand in a game of pool. Men are designed to stare at women’s bodies and when she takes a shot, she inevitably exposes her curves, no matter which side of her you’re viewing. Don’t believe me? Just use your […]

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Andrea Veresova

Former Pittsburgh Penguins hockey great Jaromir Jagr was known for many things. He was a master of the puck and was instantly recognized for his mullet. But I didn’t know that he had incredible taste in women. He was formerly linked to Andrea Veresova, a […]

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Bojana Desnica

Give a model some hot clothes and have her pose in front of the camera and you’ve got yourself a potent solution to any impending ice age. Scientists are worried that the rising temperatures are a prelude to another catastrophic cold spell but Slovakia has […]

Zuzana Gregorova

Brown-haired, blue-eyed babe Zuzana Gregorova hails from Slovakia and belongs to some of the top modeling agencies in Europe. She’s quite hidden, in terms of personal info and she likes to keep it that way. Some people are just like open books, which you can […]

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Yaya Kosikova

Another best kept secret from Slovakia is supermodel Yaya Kosikova. She’s a swimwear model, from what we’ve gathered in what little information that’s available. Standing 5’10”, she’s a prototypical fashion model but has the right curves in all the right places so she doesn’t look […]

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