Why Soccer Matters

In some parts of the world, football (or soccer, if you prefer it that way) is not just a game but a religious experience. For them, the beautiful game is an amazing event. And Edson Arantes do Nascimento, more affectionately called Pele, is a god. […]

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Love the game but hate the real-life players who are in dire need of SCUBA suits due to their unbridled diving? Then it’s probably time to play the game yourself, at least in the comfort of your home. EA Sports is updating the FIFA title […]

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Puma Roma Slim Leather

International soccer is really gaining steam as the days lead to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Plenty of reasons to be excited, especially if you’re a fan of Italy as Puma releases the Roma Slim leathers. It’s the same shoes that went out in […]

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Celtic FC Away Jersey

The Luck of the Scottish? Strangely enough, this football shirt is perfect for an Irish theme though because Celtic FC is a Scottish Football/Soccer Club in Glasgow with Irish roots. The club is extremely popular with Scots of Irish descent, Scottish Catholics, and the Celt […]

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Spanish Soccer Girls

Spanish footballers didn’t come to South Africa unprepared, with them are their perfected skills and unwavering support from their countrymen, and that includes the FHM Spain‘s hot soccer girls. It’s country’s first time to enter the World Cup finals after they beat Germany by a […]

David Beckham’s Adidas Predator: Gold

David Beckham’s Adidas Predator: Gold Wear the very shoes that David Beckham is wearing at most of his games, or atleast pretty much. The Adidas Predator comes in a bright gold and clear upper without the leather unfortunately. Just don’t give up your hopes about […]

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Nike Air Max 1

These retro Nike Air Max 1 running shoes are part of the Friendly Football pack dedicated to various football/soccer teams around the world. They feature a nice elephant print and some gloss blue trim. If you’re down with soccer like 90% of the world is, […]

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