Palette Coasters

I know of two types of people who will not like the Palette Coasters: stevedores and forklift drivers. Day in and day out, they have to look at wooden palettes at work so leave those two demographics out for these drink accessories. For everyone else, […]

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Nazaret Aracil

She was born three days before Christmas that’s why she’s named this way. Nazaret Aracil is an actress and a beauty queen from Alicante, Spain. She’ll be starring in another TV series called Angel o Demonio where she’ll presumably play a good girl, given her […]

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Alejandra Alonso

For some reason, Alejandra Alonso has stayed under our radars for the past few months. But we’re aiming to rectify that with this post. She was chosen by Fashion Model Directory as their ‘Model of the Month’ for December 2010. Considering the sheer number of […]

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Diana Morales

She could sell me a house with no roof or even indoor plumbing and I’d buy it, if I had the money of course. I’m referring to Diana Morales the model, not the real estate agent that keeps popping up when I use the interwebs […]

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Nayara Blue

As you all know by now, Spain and Netherlands are in the fight of their lives as they face each other in the World Cup. Neither countries have won the ultimate prize so it’s gonna be epic. What’s also epic are the curvatures on Spanish […]

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Spanish Soccer Girls

Spanish footballers didn’t come to South Africa unprepared, with them are their perfected skills and unwavering support from their countrymen, and that includes the FHM Spain‘s hot soccer girls. It’s country’s first time to enter the World Cup finals after they beat Germany by a […]

Miriam Giovanelli

Another hybrid Euro beauty that we should be focusing on is Miriam Giovanelli. She is a product of good stock, with parents of Italian and Spanish heritage. Her acting career is on the up and up, grabbing a Best Actress award in 2007 for her […]

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GTA Spano: Iberian Wolf

Spain has become one of the last bastions of the European wolf. And now, there’s a new breed of howling beast that comes out of the country. Fifteen years of experience and five years of development gave birth to the GTA Spano, Spain’s answer to […]

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